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Destiny 2 Lock and Key Quest Guide: Izanagi’s Burden

by Ginny Woo

You may recall our handy tips on completing the Lost Souvenir questline which you can get when trying to nab Izanagi’s Burden in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Now, we’re here to tackle the meat of the matter – the quests that you have to complete to actually get that Exotic sniper rifle. Check out our Destiny 2 Lock and Key quest guide for some tips on this second to last step of the quest kicked off by the Mysterious Box. 

Destiny 2 Lock and Key Quest Guide: Prerequisites

To get to the Lock and Key quest part of the Exotic sniper rifle’s overall quest chain, you’re going to have to have completed the following quest steps first:

  • Mysterious Box – find a Mysterious Black Armory box with four locks on it
  • A Mysterious Decryption Device – hand the Mysterious Decryption Device to Ada-1 in the Tower
  • Unidentified Frame – Complete bounties until you get an Obsidian Crystal, finish The Shattered Throne to get an Ascendant Glass Shard, finish The Pyramidion strike to get Radiant Phaseglass

Destiny 2 Lock and Key Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Once you’ve completed the above sub-goals, you’ll be tasked with crafting an unidentified radiant frame with the materials that you’ve acquired. Luckily, you don’t actually have to hammer away at this yourself. You’ll just have to complete the Lock and Key quest in the EDZ, which involves going to the Bergusia forge to kick things off. 

There will be a Forge boss that spawns, and you’re going to have to kill it to complete Lock and Key. We’ve got some tips for this fight:

  • Shoot the drones that pop up; this gets rid of the boss’ shield
  • Once the boss’ shield is down, chip away at his health until the shield comes back, and repeat
  • You can probably blast through this time, but if you have a fireteam in, get them to deal with the adds while you hone in on the boss to make the fight go quicker
  • The boss can also be staggered, and is vulnerable to being booped in the head, so keep that in mind

Once you’ve felled the Forge boss in the Bergusia force, you’ll have completed the Destiny 2 Lock and Key quest and you’ll be able to head back to Ada-1 in the Tower to hand her what she wants and to get Izanagi’s Burden. Handy, huh? Need help with anything else, Guardian? Check out our guide on getting the Every Waking Moment SMG

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