Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris Artifact Mods Guide

We have gathered all of the currently confirmed Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris mods for all of your awesome Guardians.

The Season of Dawn has arrived in the world of Destiny 2. This new period of content has brought a plethora of things for players to experience. One of the most significant additions to the high-profile title with the start of the Season of Dawn is the Lantern of Osiris Artifact that is ready to bestow plenty of power to players with its various mods. Fortunately, we have all of the Lantern of Osiris mods that are currently confirmed covered for you. 

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Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris Artifact Mods

This Artifact has a total of five columns that consist of modifications that players will be able to equip to the item. Now, the majority of these have not yet been discovered. It will take the community some time to dig through everything that the Season of Dawn has to offer and begin unlocking all of the Lantern of Osiris mods. 

However, a new stream from Bungie regarding the Season of Dawn showed off confirmation for four modifications.

Destiny 2 Lantern of Osiris Artifact Mods

(photo courtesy of u/Metaal_lol)

You can find all of the currently confirmed mods for the Season of Dawn Artifact below, thanks to community member Metaal_lol

Column 1

  • Anti-Barrier Ranger
  • Unstoppable Shot
  • Unstoppable Burst
  • Unstoppable Arrows
  • Overload Rounds

Column 2

  • Enhanced Bow Loader
  • Enhanced Linear Fusion Targeting
  • Enhanced Rifle Loader
  • Enhanced Sniper Rifle Loader
  • Enhanced Unflinching Rifle Aim

Column 3

  • Biomonetizer
  • Knight Errant
  • Solidus Strike
  • Splintered Gladius
  • Tithe Collector’s Sigil

Column 4

  • Breach Resonator
  • Disruptor Spike
  • Molten Overload
  • Tenderizer
  • Unstoppable Schwarzschild Condenser

Column 5

  • Guardian Angel
  • From the Depths
  • Heavy Finisher
  • Solar Plexus
  • Void Battery

We will continue to update this article with all of the remaining ones when they are officially confirmed. 

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