Destiny 2 – How to Unlock the Phoenix Dive

Learn more about The Phoenix Dive and how to use it in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 introduces quite a few big changes to the Destiny universe, including three new and revamped subclasses. If you’ve been maining a Warlock, or even playing one in your off time, then you’ve probably spent some time with the Dawnblade Warlock subclass. One new ability that’s been added to this subclass—the Phoenix Dive—is a bit of a wild card for many new players, and today we’ll show you how to use the Phoenix Dive in Destiny 2, as well as explain how to unlock the Phoenix Dive and what it is.

How to Unlock Phoenix Dive

Players can unlock the Phoenix Dive ability by activated the cluster of perks at the bottom of the Dawnblade node in their subclass area. The Phoenix Dive really adds quite a bit of utility to the Warlock class, along with an increased survivability, which will be extremely useful—especially in player versus player situations, or even in the raid.

Once the Phoenix Dive ability is unlocked, players can activate it by pressing the X button on their keyboards—hold Circle or B on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. This will cause the player to swoop downward into the ability, and recover a large swath of health.

How to Use Phoenix Dive

Phoenix Dive is an extremely useful skill that has to be activated while mid-air. This means you can jump off of cliffs, or even just jump into the air to activate it. When activated, Phoenix Dive causes the player to dive downward, restoring roughly 50% of their health. This alone makes the ability worth having, as it will allow you to heal yourself quite handily during things like the raid, Trials of the Nine, the Nightfalls, and any other end-game missions or events that you will take part in.

Another useful part of the Phoenix Dive ability only comes into play when players have their Dawnblade Super move activated. When their Super is activated, activating and using the Phoenix Dive ability will cause an area of effect explosion around the player, which can be quite crippling both to AI and non-AI enemies. This makes it a great way to clear out adds around the player, as well as a great way to restore your health while also dealing some damage to your enemies.

Utilizing the Phoenix Dive while your Super is activated will not only net you some kills, but in turn it will also net you an extended amount of Super time, which will allow you to earn more kills and create even more Orbs with your Super cast. This can be helpful to your allies, as it will allow them to quickly recharge their own Supers, which can allow you to create an Orb train, which will let the Fireteam keep their Supers charged up more often so that they can utilize their special abilities.

While the Dawnblade class may be one of the weaker subclasses available for the Warlock, the ability to restore your health with the Phoenix Dive makes it more sustainable in the game’s meta, and players should make use of this ability when it fits the situation. For more help, head over to our Destiny 2 guide for even more details, pointers, and tips on how to make the most of your options in Destiny 2.

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