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Destiny 2 – How to Start Curse of Osiris

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 just got bigger with the release of its first DLC, Curse of Osiris, and players around the world are already started to dive into the game and get a feel for it. If you’ve just picked up the game, or if you’re just finishing up your DLC download, then you may not know how to kick the new DLC off and dive into Mercury—the newest planet that you get to explore in Curse of Osiris. Don’t sweat it. We’ve got all the details below, so grab your controller and strap in, cause we’re about to show you how to start the new Curse of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2.

How to Start Curse of Osiris

Once you have the Curse of Osiris DLC installed, it’s time to launch Destiny 2 and get started on the new DLC. The quickest way to access the DLC is going to be to launch your Director and locate the new story icon on the map. This icon should appear almost directly above The Tower/The Farm.

Before you can dive into the DLC, though, you’ll need to have reached a base Power Level of at least 200, as well as completed the main story campaign for Destiny 2. This means that players just diving into the game have a little work to do before they can start into the new DLC, but it’s not anything that will take them that long to pull off.

Once you have reached the required Power Level, and have completed the main campaign of the base game, select the icon for The Gateway mission, and a short cutscene will play, introducing players to Osiris and his Ghost. For those who have spent a good deal of time in Destiny, this is the first time that another character inside of the game will have a fully voiced Ghost, and that means that you should pay careful attention to what this Ghost has to say, as vital information may come from it.

That’s really all there is to activating the new DLC and getting started in Curse of Osiris. Of course, we’ll have plenty of additional content covering the DLC in our Destiny 2 guide, so make sure you head over there and check that out as well. You should also check out the Curse of Osiris patch notes, where we go over the most vital changes that you’ll see with the most recent update.  Something else to keep in mind is the fact that Destiny 2 has received a new Max Level and Max Power Level cap, so check out that article for all the details pertaining to that change.

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