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Destiny 2 – How to Farm Faction Tokens

by Josh Hawkins

The Faction Rally is finally back in Destiny 2 and players can choose their Faction and start earning Faction Tokens right now. Once you’ve earned enough tokens you can head to the vendor that you choose to support and purchase items like armor, ornaments, and other items. The way that you earn Faction Tokens has changed as well, which means you’ll need to learn a new way to farm Faction Tokens in Destiny 2 if you want to stock up and be able to buy what you want.

How to Farm Faction Tokens

If you want to unlock new armor and weapons, then you’re going to need to level up your faction of choice. This can be done by farming for a lot of Faction Tokens, and you’ll need to farm up 20 Faction Tokens in order to actually level up your faction. This means you’ll need a total of 200 Faction Tokens if you hope to earn 10 reward packages, which is the amount of packages that you will need to unlock and receive if you want to be able to unlock the special Faction Helmet that each Faction Vendor has. The best ways to farm for Faction Tokens is to head out into the world and complete a number of different tasks.

First, you can complete the Daily Faction Rally Milestone. This is a great way to get Faction Tokens, and you’ll get a new quest each day that you can easily complete to get yourself some Faction Tokens.

You’ll also want to look into completing Public Events, which also reward you with Faction Tokens.

We’d also suggest heading into Lost Sectors and looting the chests within them. This will take more time than other activities, but it’s a great way to earn yourself some Faction Tokens and keep the grind from getting boring.

Another great way to earn Faction Tokens is to head into the Crucible and complete matches in PVP. The rewards here are always available after each match, so you’ll be able to earn Faction Tokens pretty quickly.

Then there are also the Trials of the Nine, as well as Strikes, Nightfalls, and Raids. All these events will reward you with Faction Tokens in some form, so you should try to complete them as much as possible to maximize your farming options.

Doing all of the events above as much as possible will definitely help you get Faction Tokens as quickly as possible. However, if you really want to farm them the quickest, then we’d suggest doing a mixture of things like Public Events, Lost Sectors, and Crucible matches. These are the fastest activities to knock out, and they’ll often reward you with the item that you need.

For more help be sure to head back over to our Destiny 2 guide, where we have a ton of additional content about the game.

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