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Destiny 2 Hot Crossfire Buns Recipe and Ingredients

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying playing hostess this Christmas season in Destiny 2, then why stop now? Eva’s Holiday Oven is warm and ready for you, and you just need to make sure that you’re making the best use of it. Forget bringing Ada-1 the dismembered heads of your enemies; you’ll have much more luck with our Destiny 2 Hot Crossfire Buns recipe

Destiny 2 Hot Crossfire Buns Recipe and Ingredients

If you’re after these Hot Crossfire Buns, you probably want to make sure that Ada-1 gets a handful. Well, okay, even if that isn’t the case then they’re still pretty delicious anyway (we’re talking about the actual Crossfire Buns, thanks). Why wouldn’t you want to know how to bake them? 

Like every other Dawning confectionary recipe, these Hot Crossfire Buns are going to require 15 Essence of Dawning, an Uncommon ingredient, and a Rare ingredient. If you’re wanting a rundown of how to get some of those ingredients in general, we’ve got an all-purpose guide here. However, for specifics to these buns, read on and we’ll do a little bit more explaining:

  • Ether Cane – nab this from Fallen that you’ve slaughtered. We’d recommend heading to Titan or the Moon for your murder safari. 
  • Balanced Flavors – you’re going to need to get kills with bows, sniper weapons, or scout rifles to pick up this Rare ingredient
  • Essence of Dawning – as mentioned, you’re going to need 15 of them and you’ll have to complete Dawning-specific activities to get the best bang for your buck

Now that you’ve got the know-how to acquire the ingredients to complete the Destiny 2 Hot Crossfire Buns recipe, why not get your inner Gordon Ramsay on? Someone on the Prima team here managed to burn leftovers in a microwave, so if we can do it then there’s definitely hope for any aspiring Guardians out there who want a career in pastry. Need a hand with anything else to do with The Dawning this year? We’ve got a whole lot more guides where this came from:

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