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Destiny 2 Heal Thyself Mod: How to Get and What it Does

Heal Thyself by launching a grenade at your enemies

by Daphne Fama

Taking damage is a staple of the Destiny 2 experience. And I mean a lot of damage. And if you enjoy jumping into mid-to-melee distance, like I do, you’ll want to do everything possible to mitigate it. I personally run a Devour Warlock with a Void Energy Weapon, and it does wonders. But adding a few mods to the mix can make you nigh immortal. That’s where Heal Thyself comes in.

Heal Thyself is a Charged with Light Mode that prioritizes, you guessed it, healing. While you’re Charged with Light, grenade’s final blows heal you and consume one stack of Charged with Light. This makes it fantastic for Grenade-prioritized builds or as a pocket syringe in a tough situation.

Here’s how to get it yourself.

Destiny 2 Heal Thyself Mod: How to Get and What it Does

Heal Thyself has bounced from vendor to vendor over the years, but as of 2023, it can be obtained only in one place. You’ll need to head to the Tower’s Annex and speak to Ada-1, the Exo gunsmith and keeper of the Loom. Her room is almost opposite to the Drifter’s and her refined, monochromatic lodgings are the opposite of his in every way. She even has porcelain armor.

Speak to her, and you’ll find that she sells a variety of Amor Mods on a daily rotation. Yes, unfortunately, Heal Thyself isn’t always in the shop. You’ll have to come back every day and check. And with Ada-1 only having 4 Armor Mod Slots in her shop, and there being a total of 288 Armor Mods available in the game, it’s possible you’ll be waiting for a long time.

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Once you do get it, it’s important to note that Heal Thyself is a mod for your class armor slot (bond for Warlock, Cloak for Hunter, and Marks for Titan) that requires 4 Solar Elemental Energy. If you go to equip it and it doesn’t show up, it’s likely because you have the wrong Element equipped.

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