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Destiny 2 Fried Sha-Dough Recipe and Ingredients

by Ginny Woo

Got a bit of a hankering for the good old days of the Season of Opulence? Well, we guarantee that you’re not the only Destiny 2 player with fond memories. Was Calus really all that bad? Well? Anybody? Okay, even if you’re not quite that infatuated,  there’s no denying that he’s got some pretty extravagant taste. Our Destiny 2 Fried Sha-Dough recipe will help you get on his good side if he decides to crash any parties.

Destiny 2 Fried Sha-Dough Recipe and Ingredients

It looks like no one’s free of Christmas cheer this season thanks to The Dawning, so why not make sure that you can bake every treat under the sun? We know that we could definitely use the practice in the kitchen.

To make these baked goods, you’re going to need Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0, 15 Essence of Dawning, a Rare ingredient as well as an Uncommon ingredient. It’s a bit harder to get Rare ingredients, as you might be able to tell, as they will involve getting kills on certain enemies or getting kills in certain ways. If you need some general help with getting ingredients, check out the tips that we’ve compiled here. However, let’s get right down to the Fried Sha-Dough and what you’re going to need to obtain:

  • Dark Ether Cane – you can get Dark Ether Cane by killing Scorn, and we’d recommend starting at the Dreaming City where they’re busy disrespecting everyone’s downtime.
  • Superb Flavor – if you want to get this flavorsome punch, you’re going to have to use your Super to get kills on enemies.
  • Essence of Dawning – pick this up from doing activities relating to this season’s special event. 

Once you have all those ingredients, head over to Eva’s oven and chuck them in before praying to the recipe gods. If you’re successful in re-creating our Destiny 2 Fried Sha-Dough recipe, both you and Calus should be happy with the results. Like other recipes, after making something in the oven you have the opportunity to masterwork it to bring the cost of creating treats down to 10 Essence of Dawning instead of 15, so you might want to do that before attempting the Great Guardian Bake-off.

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