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Destiny 2 Finishing Moves – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The upcoming Shadowkeep expansion will be bringing a variety of significant changes to the popular world of Destiny 2. One of these gameplay changes was revealed at Gamescom 2019 when the new concept of finishing moves was announced for the high-profile title. These Destiny 2 finishing moves will give players the ability to finish off their enemies with plenty of style. If you are curious about what these new finishing moves are in Destiny 2, be sure to check out all of the currently known information about the new feature below.

Destiny 2 Finishing Moves

These new attacks can be performed on low health enemies to deliver the final blow in cinematic fashion. Destiny 2 finishing moves are purely cosmetic and allow for players to show off the playstyle of their Titans, Hunters, or Warlocks in exciting style when defeating the forces of The Darkness. 

Destiny 2 Finishing Moves

Players will be given their class-specific attack for free. However, there will be various other finishing moves Destiny 2 players will have the ability to purchase at the Eververse Store. 

There will also be other kinds of benefits for players when they use their Destiny 2 finishing moves in addition to just looking cool. Guardians will have the opportunity to unlock mods which grant unique bonuses to their armor when they use one of these new attacks on their enemies. One example which was spoken about at Gamescom 2019 was where a mod would give players heavy ammunition if they performed one of these attacks on an enemy. Unfortunately, reaping the benefits of this kind of mod will cost Guardians half of their super meter. 

There is no doubt there are plenty of excited Destiny 2 players who are anxiously awaiting to be able to jump into the highly anticipated Shadowkeep expansion and pull off as many of these exciting finishing moves against all of their foes. What are your thoughts about this new gameplay feature for the Bungie title? Let us know over on Twitter at @primagames!

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