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Destiny 2 – Fated Engrams

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 recently received a massive update, adding in a ton of new things for players to adapt to and get used to. One of the big additions are Fated Engrams, which can be purchased directly from Xur for 97 Legendary Shards. But what are these new engrams? And why are they important for players? In this article we’ll go over Fated Engrams in Destiny 2, what players can expect from them, and even when you should start purchasing them.

What Are Fated Engrams?

Fated Engrams are a new type of Exotic Engram that can only be purchased from Xur, the weekly vendor that makes his way out of a dark cave once a week. The Engrams will cost players a total of 97 Legendary Shards to unlock. The thing that makes Fated Engrams special is that players are guaranteed to receive an Exotic item that they do not already have from the Engram when they decrypt it. This makes the item very useful for those trying to complete their Exotic collection (as many users do), but with such a hefty price, how do you know that it’s worth it?

When to Buy Fated Engrams

To be completely honest, players shouldn’t be buying Fated Engrams right off the bat. Since these items give guaranteed drops that you don’t have, you’ll only want to use this to complete your collection, not to simply look for more Power. If you’re looking for more Power, then you’ll want to pick up some Strange Coins and then head out into the game world and complete the different objectives and public events you have—or hop into a strike. This won’t guarantee that you get an Exotic that you don’t have, but it will guarantee that if an Exotic drops, it will be more Power than you currently have, and even if you don’t need it, you can infuse it into something else to increase the Power of that object.

If you’re looking to complete your collection, then the Fated Engrams are a great way to go about things. But, again, you should only do this if you’re close to completing your Exotic collection, as these Engrams are extremely expensive, and thus you should only make use of it when you’re a few away from completing your collection.

Check Your Exotics

If you’re not sure how far away from completing your collection you are, then you can download the Destiny 2 application on your smartphone and pull up your collection there. It’s really easy to access your collection from here, and you can always easily move items between your characters if you need to—to help get that extra Power boost to another character if need be.

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