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Destiny 2 – The Dawning: Zavala’s Gift Schematic

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny 2 kicked off its holiday even, The Dawning, today and players can dive into the new content by logging in right now. One of the big new things coming to the game with the seasonal update are Gift Schematics, which players can complete to unlock rewards and items within the game itself. In this article we’ll show you how to pick up and complete Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Zavala in Destiny 2.

How to Pick Up Gift Schematics

Each day of The Dawning holds a new Gift Schematic for players to find and pick up, and if you head to The Tower and make your way over to Ikora, you’ll notice a pile of presents near her. Walk up to the presents and a prompt will appear. Interact with it, and you’ll receive a random Gift Schematic. If you happen to receive the Zavala Gift Schematic, then you’re in luck, as this guide will tell you everything you need to know to finish the Schematic and unlock the reward at the end.

Once you have the Zavala Gift Schematic, it’s time to get started on it. You’ll have two objectives at first, and we have outlined them below.

  • Red Legion Defeated 0/50
  • Phaseglass Collected 0/10

Defeating the 50 Red Legion Guardians shouldn’t take you too long, as these enemies are absolutely overflowing on some planets. We’d suggest heading over to Nessus, where you’ll encounter plenty of these enemies. A good place to spawn is down near the Pools of Luminance. Here you’ll find plenty of Red Legion Cabal roaming around. There is also a Lost Sector nearby, which you can complete the earn yourself a number of the 50 kills needed to finish this part of the quest.

Once you have the Red Legion kills, make your way over to IO, where you’ll be able to collect Phaseglass. This planetary resource can be tough to spot on the surface of IO, but simply look around areas like the Rupture and you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting it. Alternatively, you can also spawn in at the Lost Oasis and make your way over to the Spine Burrows. There are always two resource nodes in here that spawn Phaseglass, so you can run it over and over again each time you respawn to quickly farm up the 10 Phaseglass needed to complete this objective.

With the Phaseglass and kills collected, head back to the Tower and you’ll need to deliver the items to Commander Zavala. Doing so will reward you with a Gift in Return, which will grant you a random item from the Dawning.  Once you have it, make sure to head over to our Destiny 2 guide for more in The Dawning.

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