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Destiny 2 – The Dawning Start Time

by Josh Hawkins

Destiny’s yearly Christmas event is coming to Destiny 2, and players can look forward to The Dawning when it launches later this week. If you’ve never taken part in The Dawning, then you’re in for a unique experience, as the entire Destiny 2 world will be filled with holiday cheer to help celebrate the holidays. In this article we’ll go over what time The Dawning starts, so players known when they can dive into the fun and start earning themselves some new seasonal cosmetics.

The Dawning Start Time

Like most events in Destiny 2, The Dawning will kick off with the next weekly reset, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, December 19. The Dawning will then stick around until January 9, giving players plenty of time to score themselves all the new Milestones and cosmetic items that come with it.

Here’s when The Dawning will start in different time zones.

  • United Kingdom – 5PM GMT
  • Europe – 6PM CEST
  • United States – 12PM EDT
  • United States – 9AM PDT

The Dawning Changes

Some changes that players should be aware of going into Destiny 2’s first Dawning is that the Sparrow Racing League won’t be making a return in The Dawning. Instead, players will have access to all-new Milestones and activities that they can take part in. On top of the new Milestones, players will also notice that The Farm and The Tower have new makeovers, with some festive looks added into the mix.

You’ll also be able to pick up and throw snowballs at other places in social spaces, and even at enemies during Strikes. The snowballs will stun enemies and deal large amounts of damage to them, so it will be interesting for players to see how this works within the game itself.

As for big changes coming, the Mayhem mode for the Crucible will return, allowing players to dive into the crazy Super-charged mode where Supers recharge faster than you can say The Dawning. There are also new Dawning Gift Schematics, which will allow you to make gifts for NPCs daily, which will reward you with specific items and other things as you turn in the gifts.

There are quite a few things coming to Destiny 2 with The Dawning, and players should have plenty to help keep them busy during the holiday times. Of course, you’ll also need to know how to tackle all the new stuff in Curse of Osiris, so make sure you know all about how to get Lost Prophecies as well as how to get Masterwork Weapons and even how to get Masterwork Cores, in case you have any Legendary Weapons that you want to turn into Masterwork Weapons.

You can also head back over to our Destiny 2 guide, which we update with new content weekly to help you stay informed and on top of everything that Destiny 2 has to offer you.

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