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Destiny 2 – Open the Chest in the Lighthouse

by Josh Hawkins

Curse of Osiris is here, and players can now fully explore the depth of the Lighthouse and the other secrets that Mercury has to hold. As you explore the Lighthouse, you’ll come across a locked chest that you can unlock and open up to receive some loot. A lot of players have been asking how to open the chest in the Lighthouse, so we thought it was time to shed some light on the subject. In this article we’ll show you how to solve the puzzle and unlock the Lighthouse chest in Curse of Osiris, so you can get the loot and get back to exploring Mercury.

How to Unlock the Chest in the Lighthouse

As we said above, the chest inside the Lighthouse is locked, and you’ll need to complete a short puzzle in order to unlock it and gain access to the chest’s contents. When you first arrive at the Lighthouse there will be five symbols hidden around the room. If you can find them, and activate them in the correct order, you’ll be able to interact with a conflux that will open the door protecting the chest. It’s not a super elaborate puzzle to complete, but it’s still be tripping up a few players along the way.

  • The first symbol is found embedded in a book that sits to the left of where Brother Vance can be found. Turn your back to the place where you enter the Lighthouse, and then look for the book. Step up close to get the interaction prompt.
  • The second symbol you need to activate is also found embedded on a book, to your right when you enter into the Lighthouse. Head to the back of the area and look for the symbol tucked away into one of the shelves close to the ground.
  • The next symbol that you need to activate is found to your left as you enter the Lighthouse. Head down a small set of steps and then look for the symbol in a corner near a torch and a ladder.
  • The fourth symbol is found on the right side of the room, on the table near the Acolyte of Osiris. When you enter the Lighthouse, turn to your right and look for the chairs set up along the table. Interact with the symbol to activate it.
  • The final symbol that you need to activate can be found to the right of the Weapon Forge when you are looking at it. It’s a bit of the wall, so you may need to hop on a nearby table to grab it.

Once you have activated all five of the symbols, look for a conflux that will appear near the back of the right-side area of the Lighthouse interior. Approach the conflux and interact with it to unlock the door that guards the chest. Head through the unlocked door and interact with the chest to grab its components.

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