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Destiny 2 Candy Dead Ghosts Recipe and Ingredients

by Ginny Woo

If you’re trying to look out for some gift ideas this Dawning, can we recommend that you whip up some delicious treats in your own, online Destiny 2 kitchen? Sure, facilities in the Tower might be limited, but we definitely reckon that it’s doable. Our Destiny 2 Candy Dead Ghosts recipe will help you get on the good side of The Spider, so here’s how to get the ingredients that you need. 

Destiny 2 Candy Dead Ghosts Recipe and Ingredients

The Spider isn’t an easy person to please, but I guess absolutely everyone has a sweet tooth these days. Fortune is definitely smiling upon us Guardians these holidays! Like every other confectionary that you can make, you’re going to need 15 Essence of Dawning, a Rare ingredient, and an Uncommon ingredient to round out this recipe. If you need general ingredient-gathering tips, check out some that we’ve put together here.

If you’re wanting to just get what you need for the Candy Dead Ghosts, however, here’s what to acquire and how to do so:

  • Dark Ether Cane – to get these, you’re going to want to kill Scorn enemies. Head to the Dream City and start kicking ass and taking… canes?
  • Flash of Inspiration – to get this, you have to use Masterwork weapons or Supers to acquire Orbs of Light off enemies. Should be pretty easy, if not a little more time-consuming than the other ingredients.
  • Essence of Dawning – this is probably the easiest get since seasonal activities are going to give you your fair share. You can also masterwork Eva’s Holiday Oven after cooking to reduce the cost from 15 Essence to 10 in the future.

Once you’ve got all three ingredients, just head on over to Eva’s oven and throw everything together. No need to blend, mix, or to add salt; looks like technology takes care of all of that in the distant space dystopia. If you need a hand with something other than our Destiny 2 Candy Dead Ghosts recipe, why not check out these guides that should make your Dawning go smoothly?

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