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Destiny 2 – Best Place to Farm Phaseglass

by Josh Hawkins

With The Dawning kicking off in Destiny 2, players have a good bit of new content to go through, including the new Dawning Gift Schematic quests that they can receive daily. The only problem here is, these items require players to farm for Phaseglass, and since resources have never been very important in Destiny 2 (you don’t need them to upgrade items like you did in the original Destiny) many players haven’t really bothered to find those good farming spots. To help you out, we’ll not only show you where to get Phaseglass in Destiny 2, but we’ll show you one of the quickest ways to farm the Phaseglass that you need to complete your quests.

Where to Farm Phaseglass

Like any other planetary resources in Destiny 2, Phaseglass can only be found on the surface of one single planet. This means players will need to head to that specific planet, and then start searching for the items that they need. The planet that you can get Phaseglass from, can’t actually be reached until the end of the campaign, so you’ll need to complete the main campaign up until you unlock Io. Once you’ve unlocked Io, load up your Ghost and your ship and make your way over there.

Phaseglass nodes can be found all around the surface of Io, and while they aren’t very plentiful, there are a couple of ways to farm it. You could either just explore, and keep an eye out for the resource nodes, collecting them as you go. Or, you can head from area to area as quickly as possible, looking for these nodes, and leaving when you don’t find them.

Quickest Way to Farm Phaseglass

Of course, if you really want to knock out those Gift Schematic quests, and unlock all your sweet prizes, then knowing how to quickly get Phaseglass is going to come in handy. While it isn’t an instant fulfillment of the quest, it will allow you to cut down on the time that you spend wandering around the surface of Io.

To easily and quickly farm Phaseglass, load into the Lost Oasis on Io. Once here, head straight forward to the Spine Burrows. There should be a cave that you can enter here. Head inside and quickly take out the enemies in the room. Once they are taken care of, look around and grab the two guaranteed Phaseglass nodes that spawn in this area.

Once you’ve grabbed the Phaseglass nodes, open up your Map and fast travel back over to the Lost Oasis. This will load you into a new instance, thereby respawning the Phaseglass nodes in the cave at the Spine Burrows. It took us about 4-5 minutes (may take longer with load times) to gather the 10 Phaseglass that we needed for our quest, so this should allow you to knock out the quest objective pretty quickly.

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