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Destiny 2 – Benedict 99-40 Location, How to Spend Emperor Calus Tokens

by Josh Hawkins

The Leviathan raid for Destiny 2 has now arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and as players complete the raid they are bound to come across at least a few new items that might not seem all that useful at first. In this article we’ll talk about the Emperor Calus Tokens in Destiny 2, and how you can find Benedict 99-40 in the Tower.

How to Get Emperor Calus Tokens

Emperor Calus Tokens are special items that can be picked up out of the first chest that you come across in the new Leviathan raid, and they are useful items because you’ll be able to use them to increase your Emperor Reputation Points, which will allow you to purchase raid type equipment and gear, which will increase your Power level higher and higher.

Where to Spend Emperor Calus Tokens

As we stated above, spending Emperor Calus Tokens will require you to find an NPC named Benedict 99-40. This robotic NPC can only be found after you have completed the raid and beaten the final boss. Once you’ve done that, make your way to the Tower social area—which is only unlocked after completing the main storyline. Once at the Tower, locate the area of the Tower where you can speak to Ikora and Hawthorne.

From this area, make your way down through the tunnel to the right of where you find Ikora. Halfway down the hall—on the way to the Hangar—you should see a small pathway to the right. Previously, before beating the raid, this area would have been empty save for a small sweeper bot. But now, you will find that the poor little sweeper bot can actually be interacted with, and you can speak to him to turn in the Emperor Calus Tokens and earn some exciting rewards for your troubles.

That’s really all you need to know about Emperor Calus Tokens and how to find Benedict 99-40’s location. This particular sweeper bot appears to be on a quest to shut down the arms dealer, which you’ll interact with quite a bit during Destiny 2. For more help in the Destiny universe, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 guide, which we’ll be updating daily with links to new guide content like how to get exotic engrams, how to reach level 20 quickly, and even how to get the Mida Multi-tool Exotic Scout Rifle

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