PlayStation 4 players now can experience the unique world of Hideo Kojima's newest creation, Death Stranding. There are plenty of new items that populate the world of the original title. One of these items is the necklace that the protagonist Sam Bridges wears around his neck through the game's story. The exciting design of the necklace has led many fans to see if they can acquire their very own. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get your hands on this particular necklace covered.

Death Stranding Necklace

Players can purchase their copy of the item Sam Bridges wears on the official Kojima Productions website. Adding this piece to your collection will burn a hole the size of $325 in your wallet. 

According to the official description of the item on the Kojima Productions website, the necklace is "made by GILD design, famous for their pursuit of Japan-made quality in every aspect, including manufacturing materials." This description points to the item being of very high quality, which means you will not have to worry about it breaking when you are channeling your inner Sam Bridges. 

Death Stranding Necklace

There will likely be some passionate Death Stranding fans out in the world who will be using this item as a part of their wardrobe going forward to show off their love of Hideo Kojima's latest game in spectacular fashion. 

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