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Death Stranding Aphenphosmphobia – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The highly anticipated Hideo Kojima game of Death Stranding is now available for PlayStation 4 players across the world to enjoy. Players control the main character of Sam Bridges, who is tasked with reconnecting society following the occurrence of an apocalyptic event called the Death Stranding. This event resulted in the world of the living and the dead merging together and causing corpses to explode with the power of a nuclear bomb if they are not destroyed quickly enough. One of the most significant story elements of Kojima’s newest title is the condition of Aphenphosmphobia that affects Sam Bridges. Fortunately for you, curious folks, we have everything you need to know about Aphenphosmphobia covered.

Death Stranding Aphenphosmphobia

The condition of Aphenphosmphobia is a phobia where people are afraid of being touched or intimacy. Players will see during their playthrough of the new game that Sam does not like being touched by other people at all. He would much rather be by himself. This preference for being alone is why Bridges is the perfect person for the job of delivering packages in the world of Hideo Kojima’s latest creation. 

Death Stranding Aphenphosmphobia

However, it is a fascinating piece of character storytelling done by Kojima in how Sam Bridges is the one entrusted with the mission of reconnecting humanity when he is terrified of connection thanks to Aphenosmphobia. Players will have to help Bridges overcome his Aphenphosmphobia if they are to see success in bringing society back together in their adventures. 

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