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Dead Rising 4 – How to Use the Camera

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to use the camera in Dead Rising 4. As any photojournalist knows, you have to know how to use your camera in order to be a success, and the same goes for the camera in Dead Rising 4. Here’s everything you need to know about how the camera works in Dead Rising 4.

How to Use the Camera

Frank West is back at it again, covering wars and zombie outbreaks. This time, he brings with him an upgraded camera. The camera in Dead Rising 4 is a little more advanced than what you might be used to from other Dead Rising games. The camera now features an extremely important selfie mode, as well as a Night Vision mode and a Spectrum Analyzer.

Click the Right-stick to bring up the camera. You can then use left, up or right on the D-pad to switch between Night Vision, Normal and Spectrum Analyzer modes, respectively. Left Trigger zooms while Right Trigger takes the photo. Most importantly, Right Bumper lets you take a selfie.

The camera in Dead Rising 4 isn’t just used to take pictures of zombies, maniacs and survivors. It’s now used as an important piece of the main mission and a tool to uncover secrets.

Sometimes when you reach a new mission area in Dead Rising 4, you will need to pull out your camera and begin looking for clues.Take note of the center of the camera, as the color will change to orange whenever you’re looking in the direction of a clue. As you get closer to the clue, the bars on the side of the reticule will fill up until all four are filled. This is how you know you’re looking at a relevant clue.

As for the Spectrum Analyzer, it is used to uncover secrets in Dead Rising 4. You can use the Spectrum Analyzer on your camera whenever you want. Simply bring up the camera and press Right on the d-pad to switch to the Spectrum Analyzer mode. 

As you aim around, the reticule will turn green and the bars will fill as you get closer to a secret. Secrets will typically be highlighted in purple by a handprint or fingerprints. Once you have the secret in focus, take a picture to analyze and uncover the secret, whether it’s the combination to a safe or a hidden door.

The Spectrum Analzyer is needed in order to discover where Panic Rooms are located. This is because they are often hidden behind fake walls and bookcases. If you have a Panic Room Zom-B key on you, look for the blue circle on the map as this represents the area the Panic Room is located. Whip out your camera and turn on the Spectrum Analyzer to begin searching for the Panic Room. It’s important to look for Panic Rooms because they often hold Combo Weapon blueprints and survivors. Check out our Combo Weapon and Combo Vehicle guides to help you find them all!

Any safes that you find around Willamette can also be cracked with the help of the Spectrum Analyzer. Simply do as you would with the Panic Rooms and look at the safe until all four bars are green, then take a photo. You will then be able to unlock the safe.

The camera in Dead Rising 4 is an extremely important piece of technology. It helps you solve cases, uncover clues, find hidden areas and more. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the camera, because while taking a photo, you’re completely vulnerable to zombie attacks. If you read this guide, you should now know how to use the camera in Dead Rising 4. As always, you can find even more information in our Dead Rising 4 guide hub.


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