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Dead Rising 4 – All Combo Vehicle Blueprint Locations

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you where to find all of the Combo Vehicle blueprints in Dead Rising 4. Combo cards are back once again in Dead Rising 4 in the form of Combo Weapons and Combo Vehicles. Both of these Combos can be found throughout the game, either on the ground, under the ground or sold by Vendors. Read on to learn where to find all eight Combo Vehicle blueprints.



This Combo Vehicle blueprint is found in the go-kart track near Rhiannon Ferosh in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex section of Dead Rising 4. The section of the mall is called Miami Boardwalk. You will need to race around the track twice, finishing in record time to gain access to the center cage. In the cage is the Kill-O-Watt Combo Vehicle.

Bogey Monster


Another Combo Vehicle can be found in the Homerunners store in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. The store is located on the upper level of Caribbean Cove leading to Kiichiro Plaza. The Bogey Monster Combo Vehicle blueprint is on the counter.



The MowerHawg Combo Vehicle blueprint can be found in Ye Olde Toy Box in Medieval Town of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. You will need to follow the storyline until you have access to Medieval Town.



This Combo Vehicle is found in the garage section the first time you leave Willamette Memorial Megaplex in Dead Rising 4. Follow the story into Case 2 and meet Jessa near a car in the garage on your way to talk to Paula. The Warmonger Combo Vehicle blueprint is on the hood of the car.

Sling Rot


To find the Sling Rot Combo Vehicle blueprint, head to the chapel at the bottom of Old Town. This chapel doesn’t have an icon, but it’s just to the south of the Emergency Shelter. The Combo Vehicle will be on a set of stairs on the side of the chapel.

Cryonic Commando


To find the Cryonic Commando Combo Vehicle blueprint in Dead Rising 4, head to the north of West Ridge as if following the story to the dam. The Combo Vehicle blueprint is on a stack of hay in a barn with Santa and reindeer decorations on the roof. This building doesn’t have a map icon, but it is to the left of the Fireworks Stand.

Creep Fryer


To find the Creep Fryer Combo Vehicle, you will need to gain access to the Zom-B Panic Room in the Glitter Dolls Nightclub in North Peak. This nightclub is located at the top of North Peak. The safe key for the Panic Room is found on the back steps of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub, and the entrance to the Panic Room is downstairs near the bathrooms.

Tread Maker


The Tread Maker Combo Vehicle blueprint is the last one you can find in Dead Rising 4,and is located on the Hudson’s Dairy Farm in Tom’s house. In order to get this Combo Vehicle blueprint, you will need to follow the main story into Case 5 where you are tasked with returning to the farm to find another character. Head upstairs into the bedroom, open the closet and use your camera’s Spectrum Analyzer to reveal a hidden room. Inside this room are the Farm Keys, which can be used on the garage connected to the house. The Tread Maker Combo Vehicle blueprint is located in the garage.

Combo Vehicles in Dead Rising 4 are significantly more powerful than normal vehicles. By using Combo Vehicles whenever possible, you will be able to increase the amount of zombies you can kill thanks to their weapon attachments. Doing this will also cause you to earn more PP, helping you level up. By following this guide, you should know where to find all Combo Vehicle blueprints in Dead Rising 4.

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