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Dead Rising 3- Top 10 Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Dead Rising 3 is a game that seems easy at first. The in-game map shows you where almost everything is located, you can take vehicles to reach the far side of town with relative speed, and while weapons don’t have a lot of durability, neither do the zombies. But as you begin to get further and further in the game, you’ll quickly realize it’s not as simple as you thought. Luckily, these 10 tips will make the game much easier.

10.) Survivors are Important 

As you traverse the city, you’ll come across a number of survivors that need your help to stay alive. Most of the time you need to clear the zombies surrounding them. While in some cases the survivors will join your party, that’s not what makes them so important. Each person you save earns Nick a good amount of experience points, which go toward upgrading his abilities. 

9.) Combo Chains for Huge XP 

At first it may seem easy to level up, but the higher you level, the harder it is to reach the next level. This problem can be rectified by building huge combos. With every zombie kill within a reasonable time limit, you’ll add to your combo. Grab a few combo weapons and you can rack up huge zombie kill streaks in no time. It’s not out of the question to go up five levels in 10 minutes if you build up big combos.

8.) Horde the Food

Certain places in town have a lot of food, while in others the food is scarce. When you find food, save at least one item in your inventory to use when you really need it. If you find yourself low on health, it can be difficult to find food before the zombies finish you off. Having the extra supply can mean the difference between life or death. 

7.) Clear the Safe Zones

There are plenty of safe zones spread throughout the city, but many are infested with zombies. When you come across these safe zones, clear out the zombies to gain access to the perks of the safe zone. The ability to go into a safe zone and instantly spawn any previously made combo weapon comes in handy as you play through the game.

6.) Always go for the Combo

Combo weapons and vehicles are significantly more powerful than regular weapons and vehicles. Any time you have the option to create a combo weapon or vehicle, make sure you do it. Not only will you have access to the item via the garage or safe zone, the durability is much greater on combo items, which will save you early on, especially when you have a smaller inventory.

5.) Slashing Weapons are Superior

While combo weapons are better than normal weapons, slashing weapons are the best overall for almost any situation. Normal weapons like the katana sword can slice through zombies in a single swing, while combo weapons such as the Flaming Sword or Mauler can take down a horde of zombies in seconds. You can also attack much faster compared to other weapons in the game.

4.) Get an Electric Rake

Combo weapons are great, and slashing weapons are even better, but the Electric Rake (obtained in chapter 6) is arguably one of the best weapons in the game. This is because its primary function is a projectile weapon, shooting electricity at zombies. Once you’re out of ammo, the weapon breaks. However, if you use it like a slashing weapon and conserve the electric ammo, the weapon lasts significantly longer than almost any other item. 

3.) Rollerhawg and Turret Rig for Life

You need a vehicle to make it across town safely, which is something you need to do countless times throughout the game. Normal vehicles don’t last long against the horde of zombies that block your path, and while combo vehicles are far superior, the Rollerhawg and Turret Rig take the cake. The Rollerhawg flattens zombies and takes a good amount of punishment before blowing up, while the Turret Rig’s roof-mounted gun can clear the zombies in your path, allowing it to last much longer than most vehicles.

2.) Upgrade Nick’s Health

It doesn’t matter how good your weapon or vehicle is, if you don’t have much health, you won’t last long against the zombie horde. Upgrading Nick’s health is one of the biggest keys to survival. Food can be tough to find, but if you have a lot of health, you will last much longer. In addition, once you get Nick’s health upgraded high enough, you can regenerate health by simply standing still. Once you reach that point, there’s no need for food.

1.) Inventory Space is Key 

The more items you carry, the better off you’ll be as you make your way through Dead Rising 3. At first, Nick can only carry four items, but you can upgrade his inventory to double that. With more room for weapons and food, you won’t have to worry as much about weapon durability, and you’ll last much longer in a zombie fight.

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