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Dead Island Survivors – How to Place Traps, Complete Battles

by Josh Hawkins

Dead Island Survivors takes the Dead Island franchise to a completely new style of game with a quirky tower defense game that approaches things quite differently. You won’t find your normal FPS controls here, so you’ll need to come to grasp with the controls early on, which means learning how to place traps in Dead Island Survivors. In this article, we’ll show you the basics, as well as give you a brief course on how to play Dead Island Survivors, so let’s dive in.

How to Place Traps

Placing traps gives you a huge advantage in Dead Island Survivors. Not only does it allow you to contain the path that that zombies take, but each trap deals damage to the horde, allowing you to whittle down their health more quickly than you can on your own. You can place traps down during the build phase of your battles, allowing you to set yourself up nicely before the battle kicks off.

To get started, click on a battle and then look for the icon on the bottom left. This icon will have a number beneath it, which will tell you just how many traps you can place down at any given time. To place down traps, open up the trap menu and then drag and drop the items that you want to have on the battle map.

You can also upgrade your traps at any time by clicking on the trap and then click on the upward facing arrow. This will allow you to see what the upgrade brings you, and once you confirm it, the trap will upgrade over a certain amount of time. You can speed this upgrade up by using gems on it, though these premium items come at a pretty great cost.

How to Complete Battles

On top of traps, you’ll also need to move a character around and take out zombies using different melee weapons. To do this, drag your character around and then tap on the zombies that you want to attack. You can also swipe across the screen to complete a more powerful attack, though this will require a hefty cooldown before it can be used again.

The main goal in Dead Island Survivors is to keep the fence to your camp from being penetrated by the horde, and you’ll need to juggle using traps and taking out zombies with melee effectively to keep them from breaking through. The good news is that this isn’t too difficult, but you will want to know how to get more Diamonds, which will allow you to speed up upgrades and other things in the game. Make sure you also check out our other Dead Island Survivors guides for more helpful strategy content and information.


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