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DayZ – How to Create an Improvised Leather Backpack

by Prima Games Staff

Some people in DayZ are all about carrying the most amount of gear. They want the High Capacity Vests and Mountain Backpacks that give them more slots to carry loot. We, on the other hand, prefer to carry fewer items while looking great and blending in with our environment.

That brings us to the Improvised Leather Backpack and the Improvised Backpack. Sure, they may have 10 less slots for your gear, only giving you 25, but they won’t make you stand out like a sore thumb from 400 meters away. After all, what good is more loot if it gets ruined when the Mosin round passes through your body?

The Improvised Backpack

In order to make the Improvised Backpack, you’ll need three things: a Burlap Sack, Rope and Wooden Sticks. The Burlap Sack can be found most commonly in sheds, warehouses and industrial areas, while the Rope is frequently found in the warehouses with metal stairs leading up to a catwalk that runs around all four walls of the building. Wooden Sticks are the easiest to find. Just chop down a tree using your Firefighter Axe or Splitting Axe, then drag it over the Firewood and split it into thirds.

When you have all the materials, drag the Burlap Sack out of your inventory and drop it on the ground. Next, drag the Rope over the Burlap Sack and choose to craft an Improvised Courier Bag. Lastly, drag the Wood Sticks over that and select the option to Craft an Improvised Backpack.

That’s all there is to it. From here, you only need to drag the contents of your current bag (if you have one) over to your brand new Improvised Backpack and then put it on. You may only have 25 slots, but you’ll look like a true survivor of Chernarus, rather than a tourist with a bright purple Mountain Backpack.

The Improvised Leather Backpack

This one isn’t all that much different from the Improvised Backpack, but the gathering of supplies differs slightly. First, you’re going to need the Wooden Sticks and the Rope. As we mentioned earlier, Wooden Sticks can be gathered by chopping down a tree, then dragging your Firefighter Axe or Splitting Axe over the Firewood and splitting it into thirds. The Rope is found in the most common looking industrial warehouse, often on the second floor catwalk that surrounds the interior of the building.

Your third item will require a little bit of hunting, and that usually means patience. What you’re looking for is a Wild Boar, and these are most commonly spotted in open areas that separate the various towns and cities of Chernarus. When you do find one, shoot it, then use a Kitchen Knife or comparable tool to cut off six Raw Boar Steaks and one Wild Boar Pelt. The steaks can be Cooked and Eaten on a Campfire, but the Wild Boar Pelt is what you’re really after. That is the final piece of the puzzle to what we believe is the coolest looking backpack in DayZ.

The crafting process is identical to the Improvised Backpack we talked about earlier. First, drop the Wild Boar Pelt on the ground, then drag the Rope on top of it to craft a Leather Courier Bag. Lastly, drag your Wooden Sticks over and craft the Improvised Leather Backpack. Just make sure you transfer all your loot to your new backpack, and for goodness sakes, don’t forget to put it on your back.

While both of these backpacks are similar, the Improvised Backpack only has 20 slots, while the Improvised Leather Backpack has 25. Size isn’t everything, but since both are quite stylish, you might as well go with the bigger of the two.

For more information on DayZ, be sure to keep it locked on Prima Games. We play this game more than we should, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on everything the game has to offer.

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