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Days Gone: How To Clear The Infestation Nests

by John Cooper

Days Gone is the latest pest extermination simulator from the brilliant minds at Bend Studio. While it doesn’t necessarily hit all of the high notes that we could hope for, it does have a lot of freakers to kill. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to Infestation Nests, the home of the creepy denizens of the dystopian Days Gone. 

You can find the nests pretty much all over the map by looking for the small, hazard icons. Each one of these can have multiple nests, so before you go in bottles blazing you’ll want to make sure you actually have the right tools for the job. A bad workman blames their tools, a good workman always has the right tool for the job. 

Next, it is worth considering the time of day. Not in a deep and philosophical way, the last thing you need is to contemplating the impossible infinities of time. You just need to decide if it is better to take the nests during the day or after night has fallen. 

During the day the nests are full of Swarmers so throwing a molotov cocktail at it will spawn enemies who will chase after you. If you instead choose to set fire to the nests at night, you won’t have to worry about enemies spawning, but they are more likely to already be guarded by enemies anyway. No matter what time of day it is, fire is the best way to destroy the Infestation Nests so make sure you are stocked up on Molotovs before going out to wreak havoc on the homes of the freakers.