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Days Gone Drug Stash: Tucker or Copeland?

by John Cooper

Days Gone has a lot of tricky decisions. Wait, no. Days Gone has one decision outside of gameplay and skill choices, so it feels a lot like it carries a lot of weight. Fairly early on in the journey of Deacon St. John, you have to decide if you want to give a drug stash to either Tucker or Copeland. Who do you choose? What happens when you do? Why is the world like this?

Well, let’s have a look at the two people in question, shall we? 

First of all, you have Ada Tucker, the woman who is in control of the Hot Springs camp found in Belknap. She has a cute little scarf on. While you may not think fashion is all that relevant you would be wrong. 

The other choice is Mark Copeland. He is in charge of the camp in the Cascades. He has no cute scarf. He doesn’t have a cute anything. Makes you doubt him as a person really. 

Once you’ve recovered the stash you can give it to either of these two characters. The rewards they give are different, if you give it to Ada Tucker you will instantly get to the first level of trust. This lets you buy some extra weapons. If however, the scarf didn’t sell you on her, then you can give it to Mark Copeland. Doing so will let you buy the first level of bike upgrades from Manny at the camp. 

“But what about the story?” I hear you ask hypothetically as I type out the guide. Well, it doesn’t actually impact it. In fact, you can raise your trust with both of these camps anyway, so this is kind of a meaningless choice in the long run. That got dark and nihilistic, didn’t it? Well, at least you can make this decision with no weight on your shoulders now.