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Darksiders 3 – How to Upgrade Weapons and Enhancements

by Larryn Bell

Aside from leveling up Fury’s main attributes in Darksiders 3, you will also be able to upgrade her weapons and enhancements, provided you have collected enough resources to do so. In this guide, we’ll explain how to go about upgrading Fury’s arsenal to make her an even more formidable force in Darksiders 3.

Before you can craft upgrades for your arsenal, you must first meet Ulthane, the Maker blacksmith who resides in the tree at Haven. After speaking to Ulthane, he will be able to start forging upgrades for your weapons and enhancements, so long as you bring back the right crafting materials.

How to Upgrade Weapons

To upgrade your weaponry, you will need to head out into the world and scavenge for a metal called Adamantine. Certain crafting materials can be purchased from Vulgrim as well, but you’re better off spending your hard-earned souls on leveling up your attributes instead.


Adamantine is the main crafting resource you will need to upgrade your weapons in Darksiders 3. Adamantine comes in various sizes, from Slivers and Fragments, to Pieces and Chunks. You’ll need larger pieces of Adamantine as you continue to upgrade your weapons.

Once you have collected a good amount of Adamantine, return to Maker’s Forge and speak to Ulthane. Select Upgrade Weapon from the dialogue options. The box on the right will tell you how much Adamantine is required for leveling up each weapon. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade, then press and hold the Upgrade button to level up the weapon. 

How to Upgrade Enhancements

Ulthane also offers his services regarding enhancement upgrades as well. Enhancements can be socketed into each of your weapons to provide additional benefits to Fury during combat. Enhancements themselves can be discovered through exploration or purchased from Vulgrim as well. You will have to wield the weapon that the enhancement is socketed to in order to receive its bonus effects.

Enhancement upgrades are a bit more complex than weapon upgrades. Each enhancement starts out Unfocused, which means it is essentially neutral in its upgrade path. Enhancements can be upgraded along either an Angelic focus (top row) or Demonic focus (bottom row), each of which offer separate benefits. Once you begin down either the Angelic or Demonic path, you are basically locked in and must continue down that path until you reach the Balanced upgrade at the end.

You will have to upgrade the enhancement at least three times along either the Angelic or Demonic path before reaching the Balanced upgrade, which offers benefits from both paths. Angelic upgrades usually pertain to your health and survival capabilities, while Demonic upgrades are geared toward damage bonuses and offensive benefits.

Artifacts & Essence of Chosen

Upgrading enhancements requires Artifacts, which can be found throughout the world. You will eventually need Essence of Chosen as well, which are primarily obtained by defeating various Chosen enemies hidden throughout the map.

The upgrade path you choose for your enhancements will depend largely on the types of Artifacts you are able to collect. There are Angelic and Demonic Artifacts, which are used for forging upgrades for their respective paths on the enhancement crafting tree. Speak to Ulthane to view the crafting ingredients required for each enhancement upgrade.

Make it a habit to return to Haven and have Ulthane upgrade your weapons and enhancements once you have collected a decent number of crafting materials. This way, you will be able to steadily improve Fury’s offensive capabilities as you explore Earth to find the seven deadly sins. Check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips, such as how to fast travel and the best ways to heal in Darksiders 3.

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