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Darksiders 3 – How to Heal and Restore Health

by Larryn Bell

In Darksiders 3, knowing when and how to heal yourself during combat is crucial when making your way to each of the Seven Deadly Sins. The combat is a bit more punishing this time around, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your health meter so that you don’t perish and drop your hard-earned souls. We’ll explain how to heal in Darksiders 3 and the best strategy for keeping Fury alive throughout her journey.

How to Heal in Darksiders 3

Fury’s health meter is indicated by the green bar in the top left corner of the display. A few swipes from a lowly foe can easily take a significant chunk out of your health bar, so don’t underestimate any of your opponents. 

Healing in Darksiders 3 is done through consumable items. Fury can heal herself by consuming a Healing Shard or by using a Nephilim’s Respite. Your available consumables are shown in the lower left corner of the display. To use a consumable item, press up on the D-Pad once you have it selected.

Nephilim’s Respite

Nephilim’s Respite will be your primary method for healing yourself in Darksiders 3. Although these consumables are limited in quantity, Nephilim’s Respites can be restored for free through Health Lurchers, which are the green souls that occasionally release from the bodies of enemies you kill. Collecting Invigoration Cores will increase your total Nephilim’s Respite storage capacity, so be sure to search thoroughly for these collectibles when exploring the world. 

How to Heal in Darksiders 3

When your Nephilim’s Respites are at max capacity and your health bar is less than half full, don’t be afraid to use one of the Nephilim’s Respites to top off your health, as you should be able to regularly replenish your supply of Nephilim’s Respite just by killing a few enemies.

Health Shards

Health Shards can also be consumed to heal yourself in a pinch, but these items cannot be restored as easily as the Nephilim’s Respites. Healing Shards come in small and large sizes and can be collected throughout the world or purchased from Vulgrim. However, Vulgrim’s prices go up for each item you buy from him, so don’t bother wasting your souls on buying Health Shards.

Healing Enhancements

There are several weapon enhancements that offer healing benefits as well in Darksiders 3. While enhancements won’t help you heal yourself instantly, they can offer health bonuses that improve Fury’s survivability. One such enhancement is the Leviathan Enhancement, which offers a passive bonus of health regeneration per minute. This enhancement can be purchased from Vulgrim’s wares for 5,000 souls.

The Marauder Enhancement is another good enhancement to socket into your weapon if you want to ensure you can maintain a steady supply of Health Lurchers to replenish your Nephilim’s Respite. This enhancement comes with a bonus 5% chance to spawn Health Lurchers with the weapon it’s slotted on, which makes it great for the Barbs of Scorn. To find this enhancement, return to the chamber where the Wrath boss fight takes place after you have received the Flame Hollow. Head through the upper passage and continue down the path beside the cliff to find a lava room containing this item.

Knowing when to heal is just as important as knowing how. Since there is a bit of a delay when using a Nephilim’s Respite or a Healing Shard, you’ll want to distance yourself from nearby enemies long enough to consume a healing item and restore your health. 

If you stay vigilant and manage your Nephilim’s Respites properly, you should be able to survive even the most dangerous encounters in Darksiders 3. Head over to our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips, such as how to get souls and level up.

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