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Best Class in Dark Souls Remastered

by Bryan Dawson

With the release of Dark Souls Remastered, plenty of people are playing Dark Souls for the first time. This means that there are a lot of people who want to know what’s the best class in Dark Souls Remastered. While that answer depends on your experience with the Dark Souls series, this article will tell you which is the best class in Dark Souls Remastered for novice and experienced players. While your starting class doesn’t have a huge impact, the game will start off easier or harder depending on which one you choose, so most people will want to select the best class in Dark Souls Remastered.

Best Class

  • Experienced Players – Pyromancer
  • New Players – Knight

If you’re new to Dark Souls or you’re not very good at the Dark Souls style games, your best bet is to start off as the Knight class. This gives you heavy armor and lots of health so you can take more of a beating and play the game like you would most other action games (although maybe at somewhat of a slower pace). This is the slow an easy way to play if you take your time and focus on only one or two enemies at once.

For experienced players, the Pyromancer class is the best one to start with. Pyromancers have some of the best ranged attacks in the game and can easily kite around a group of enemies if you get in trouble or just want an easier battle. In many instances you won’t have to get close to an enemy to take them down, meaning it’s generally much harder for enemies to hit you. Of course this takes some practice, so if you’re new to Dark Souls you may get run through a few times while managing your pyromancy attacks.

While each starting class offers slightly different stats and gear, you can change to whatever you want by leveling up different stats and collecting other gear as you play through the game. Your starting class will give you a slight advantage if you know that’s the build you want to go with, but it won’t have a huge impact if you decide to go with a different build and opt for new gear while leveling up completely different stats.

Of course if you’re selecting your class you probably want to know the best gift to select as well. You can find that information and more in our Dark Souls game hub!

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