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Dark Souls 3 NPC – Giant in Undead Settlement

by Bryan Dawson

There are several white birch trees in Dark Souls 3, and a giant that shoots arrows at anyone who ventures close to them. If you’ve been through the Undead Settlement, Farron Keep or the Cathedral of the Deep, you may have been bombarded by arrows from this giant. However, if you approach him at the top of the tower in the Undead Settlement, you can actually befriend him (or kill him) and stop these arrows from raining down on you.

You can check out the side areas portion of our Undead Settlement walkthrough for a detailed breakdown of how to get to the giant. Make sure you’ve already been to the white birch tree and collected a branch from any of the white birch trees, approach the giant and offer him a token of friendship.

Once you offer the giant your friendship, make sure you are carrying a white branch or wearing the Worker’s Hat or Evangelist’s Hat (both items drop from enemies in the Undead Settlement, among other areas). The giant will stop shooting greatarrows at you and instead target only enemies near the white birch trees. This makes the areas surrounding the three trees much easier to navigate as most of the enemies will be taken down by the giant.

If you collect the branches from the white birch at all three locations, then return to the tower in the Undead Settlement you will find a Hawk Ring where the giant once stood. You can also simply kill the giant and get the ring, but then he won’t attack anyone near the white birch trees.

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Bryan Dawson

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