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Dark Souls 2: How to Find Every Covenant

by Bryan Dawson

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Covenants are a large part of the multiplayer experience in Dark Souls 2. Some covenants allow players to reach other worlds to help friends or defeat invaders, while others force players to invade worlds and defeat friends and strangers alike. That said, we’ll tell you where to find all of the covenants in the game, along with requirements to join. 

Heirs of the Sun

  • Type: Co-Op
  • Location: Harvest Valley
  • Requirements: Pray to Statue.

Way of the Blue 

  • Type: Co-Op
  • Location: Majula
  • Requirements: Speak with Saulden.

Brotherhood of Blood 

  • Type: PvP – Invading
  • Location: Undead Purgatory
  • Requirements: Give a Token of Spite to Titchy Gren.

Blue Sentinels

  • Type: PvP – Invading
  • Location: Cathedral of Blue
  • Requirements: Give a Token of Fidelity to Blue Sentinel Targray. 

Bell Keepers

  • Type: PvP – Invading
  • Location: Belfry Luna
  • Requirements: Speak with the NPC at the entrance to Belfry Luna. 

Rat King 

  • Type: PvP – Summoned
  • Location: Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros
  • Requirements: Speak with the Rat King. 

Dragon Remnants 

  • Type: PvP – Summoned
  • Location: Iron Keep
  • Requirements: Give a Petrified Egg to Magerold of Lanafir.

Company of Champions 

  • Type: PvE
  • Location: Majula
  • Requirements: Pray to the Victor’s Stone near the large house. 

Pilgrims of Dark

  • Type: PvE
  • Location: Black Gulch, Shaded Ruins, and Drangleic Castle
  • Requirements: Speak with Darkdiver Grandahl in all three areas.

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