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How to Get D’s Armor In Elden Ring

by Jesse Vitelli

D is a character you will meet fairly early on in your time with Elden Ring. They are found in Limgrave towards the northeast. Right before you find the Summonwater Village. They have a unique armor set that is gold and silver. Here is how to get D’s Armor in Elden Ring

To get D’s Armor in Elden Ring you’ll need to talk to the NPC first to get them to come to the roundtable hold. After they have arrived simply talk to them a few times to progress some of their stories. From here go to Fia in the room right past the blacksmith back at the Roundtable Hold and let her embrace you.

If enough time has passed you’ll be able you whisper to Fia in secret and she will tell you about a special dagger that needs to find its home. She will give you the Weathered Dagger key item if you accept to help.

Rest at the table in the Roundtable Hold and then speak to D and give him the dagger. They will tell you they know who the dagger belongs to and will return it to its rightful owner.

After doing this, rest again, and then head to the previously locked room at the end of the hallway past the Blacksmith. The door will be open and D will be lying on the ground, with Fia standing above him. After some more dialogue, you’ll be given D’s entire armor set and a Bell Bearing.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get D’s armor in Elden Ring. If you’re looking for more guides check out the Elden Ring hub, or read our 9.5 out of 10 review of the game.

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