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Cyberpunk 2077: How to Get All Tarot Cards

All the Tarot Cards in Cyberpunk 2077.

There are a dozen collectibles that you can get in Cyberpunk 2077, and one of them are the Tarot Cards, which you will come across in the second act of the game. These Tarot Cards are part of the Fool on the Hill side job that you will get from Misty. This guide will pinpoint the locations of all the Tarot Cards on the map and help you find them in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Tarot Graffiti Locations in Cyberpunk 2077

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There are a total of 20 Tarot Cards that you will find in Night City. These are scattered over the different areas of the city, and you will find them applied to a wall. These will appear as digital paintings on the walls. Before you begin searching for the murals, you will need to talk to Misty to get the Fool on the Hill side job from her.

You will find Misty where Viktor Vektor’s Ripperdoc Clinic is. Once you go there, talk to Misty to learn more about Tarot Cards. After that, all the Tarot Graffiti will be marked on the map.

The Hanged Man

The first Tarot Graffiti is located at the top part of the map in Badlands. Fast travel to the Oil Field Travel Point and look across the open area to find a large container. The mural is painted on the oil container.

The Emperor

The next Tarot Card is located in Arasaka Waterfront, Watson. It is near the California & Cartwright Travel Point. Go right and up the road from the travel point and look to your left to find the Konpeki Plaza. The Tarot Graffiti is to the left of the main entrance gate to the plaza.

The World

The next six Tarot murals are located in the bottom section of Little China, Watson. Starting with the first one is the mural on the roof of the building where Viktor’s Ripperdoc Clinic is. To get to the roof, use the elevator to the right of the stairways that lead to Vik’s clinic. Go up the stairs that you see as you exit the elevator. Once you reach the roof, look to your left to find the graffiti.

The Chariot

As you exit Vik’s clinic and get on the road, look to your left and keep going straight. Take a left towards Tom’s Diner, and you will find an alley on the right side. The mural will be painted on the wall of that alley.

The Empress

The next Tarot Graffiti is located at Afterlife Bar. You can fast-travel to the point near the bar or follow the marker from the previous location. Enter the bar and go downstairs to find the mural at the back of it.

The Sun

Fast travel to the Metro: Zocalo travel point and exit from the elevator. Go straight down the road, and you will find the mural on the wall of the underground tunnel.

The Fool

Head to V’s apartment in Watson to find the next graffiti. It is painted on the right side of the apartment’s door.

The Magician

You will find this Tarot Card right across Lizzie’s Bar on a highway support beam. You can reach it by fast traveling to the Sutter ST travel point and going straight from there.

The Hierophant

The next Tarot Card is located in Japantown, Westbrook. Fast travel to the Japantown West travel point and go across the road. From there, you will find a ladder that will take you down towards the tunnel. As you enter the tunnel, look on the left wall to find the graffiti.

The Lovers

Next on the list is The Lovers Tarot Card, which you will find in North Oak, Westbrook. It is a small island on the right side of the area, where you will find a Drive-In Theatre. To enter the theatre, you will need an Access Code, which is stored on the computer in the office. You can also hack the security terminal beside the locked door to enter.

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Once inside, go towards the back of the screen to find the mural.

The Moon

Head to the Arasaka Estate to find the next Tarot Card. You can fast travel to the travel point near the estate or go by road. The mural will be painted on the left wall of the main entrance.


For the next Tarot Card, follow the same road from Arasaka Estate or fast travel to Columbarium travel point. From there, enter the Columbarium and look for the graffiti behind the first pillar on the right side of the second row.

The Tower

You will find The Tower in Corpo Plaza, City Center. Fast travel to the Arasaka Tower and go towards the road on the left side. There will be an entrance to the lobby. Enter there and look on the left wall to find the mural.


The next graffiti is located on the billboard to the left side of Embers Restaurant entrance. There is a fast travel point right next to it.

The High Priestess

You will find this graffiti in the Abandoned Apartment Building in Vista Del Rey, Heywood. Use the Republic & Vine travel point to reach near to the building. From the travel point, turn left and go down the road. You will find the entrance to the apartment on your left.

Take the stairs to the fourth floor of the building and look to your right as you enter the fourth floor.


Head to the marked location on the map in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo. Go across the road from the fast travel point, and you will see the graffiti on the back wall of the Security Office.


For the Justice Tarot Card, fast travel to the Republic East travel point in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. Go left from the road and look for a large container on the right side.

Wheel of Fortune

This Tarot Card can be found under the sign of the Sunset Motel in an alley on the right of Room 103.

The Hermit

Head to the Chapel travel point in Coastview, Pacifica. From the travel point, go upstairs and look to your left on the wall to find the mural.

The Star

You will find the last graffiti in the southern part of Badlands on a solar farm. Head to the Solar Arrays fast travel point, and you will find graffiti on the wall of a small building under the large antenna.

After finding all 20 Tarot Cards, return to Misty and tell her about the murals. She will tell you that you are now missing only two Tarot Cards – Judgement and The Devil. You will only get these cards depending on the ending you get. Completing the side job will also unlock the Wandering Fool achievement, and you will find a decoration piece hanging from the ceiling over V’s bed in the apartment.

This is all for this guide. Want to know about the secret ending in Cyberpunk 2077? Check out our Cyberpunk 2077: Secret Ending Guide.

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