Cyberpunk 2077: How to Find and Use the Update 2.0 Build Planner

Learn about the new 2.0 Build Planner in this guide.

With the release of Update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, you will see a complete overhaul to the Attributes and Perks of your character. There are plenty of new skills to be added, along with a brand new Attribute and a Max Character Level Cap of 60. Now that the release date for Update 2.0 has been confirmed, CD Projekt RED has released a 2.0 Build Planner that you can check out right now. In this guide, we will cover where to find the 2.0 Build Planner and how to use it.

How to Find the Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Build Planner

You will find the 2.0 Build Planner on Cyberpunk 2077 official website or by opening this link here. It will take you to an interactive page similar to the Cyberpunk 2077 Character page. From this page, you can access all the Attributes and Perk Trees for each attribute. The new Relic Attribute is also available with all the new Perks coming with the Phantom Liberty DLC.

How to Use the Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 Build Planner

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On the 2.0 Build Planner page, you will see that your Character Level is maxed out to Level 60, and you are given 66 Attribute Points and 80 Perk Points to make your build. You will see a plus icon under or above each attribute, which you can use to increase the Attribute Level. Adding points to an attribute will increase the level and give you access to the Perks inside.

You can also remove the Attribute Points by clicking on the minus icon if you want to spend them on another attribute. Furthermore, you can also reset all the Attribute Points you have spent by clicking on the Reset All button in the bottom left.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Click on the Attribute to open the Perks Tree. Here, you will see all the perks that are unlocked after spending Attribute Points. The more points you spend on an attribute, the more perks you will unlock. Unlock the perk you want by clicking on it. It will then unlock the skills linked to the perk you unlocked.

You can also refund the perk by clicking on it with the Right Mouse Button if you have accidentally unlocked the wrong perk or want to spend Perk Points on any other skill.

You will also see that you have the option to reset all the Perk Points you have spent using the Reset All button at the bottom right. If you want to reset the Perk Points for only that attribute, you can also do that by clicking on the Reset button with the attribute name next to it.

Now that you have experimented with the 2.0 Build Planner and made your perfect build for the upcoming update, you can share it with others by clicking on the Share Build button on the top right after you click on any attribute. It will copy a link to your build, which you can send to anyone for them to see.

That’s all for the Update 2.0 Build Planner guide. This feature is only available for a while before the Update 2.0 release, so start experimenting right now.

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