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Crucible Voice Actors List

by Nicholas Barth

The hero-shooter genre gained a new competitor when Amazon officially launched its new game known as Crucible. Players who dive into the adrenaline-fueled action of Crucible have the ability to choose and play as one of the many characters that make up the Crucible roster. These characters have been brought to life thanks to the skills of a cast of talented voice actors. Fortunately, we have the list of these voice actors who brought these unique characters to life covered for you. 

Crucible Voice Actors List

You can find all of the voice actors who brought the characters of Crucible to players in the list below:

Earl – George Ackles

(photo courtesy of IMBD)

Our first entry in the Crucible voice actors list is George Ackles, who is the man behind the character of Earl. Ackles is known for his acting and composure work for This Kind of Love, The Forgotten, and DOUG.DAT. 

Shakirri – Mara Junot


(photo courtesy of IMBD)

Players will find that the actress behind the character of Shakirrir is a seasoned voiceover specialist by the name of Mara Junot. Her past work includes video games, animation, and television commercials for brands like AT&T, ESPN, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Target, The Walking Dead from Telltale Games, and World of WarCraft.

Rahi – Kamal Khan


(photo courtesy of IMBD)

Rahi is one of the entertaining characters that make up the characters roster of Amazon’s hero-shooter whose voice was brought to life by actor Kamal Khan. Players will find that Kamal Khan is an actor, singer, model, and voiceover artist from London, England is known for his work from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Quantico, and The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Captain Mendoza – Scott Levy


(photo courtesy of IMBD)

Scott Levy is a former member of the United States Marine Corps before his career in film, television, video games, and music videos, where he now is the voice actor for the Crucible character of Captain Mendoza. One of his most notable roles came from Linkin Park’s Castle of Glass music video. 

Bugg – Amazon Polly Text to Speech


(photo courtesy of Amazon)

Buggs is a robot character in Amazon’s hero shooter that is actually voiced by a real robot. This real robot is the Amazon Polly text to speech, according to a report by Rock Paper Shotgun. It doesn’t get more authentic than having a real robot voice a robotic character in a video game. 

Tosca – TBC

Summer – TBC

Sazan – TBC

Drakahl – TBC

Ajonah – TBC

We will update the voice actors list for Crucible when the people behind the remaining characters above are officially confirmed. 

There is no doubt that plenty of players will be enjoying the hard work that the voice actors from the list above have put into breathing life into all of the characters that make up the roster of Amazon’s Crucible. 

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