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Is Crucible Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

by Thomas Wilde

Crucible, out today from Amazon, is a free-to-play PVP shooter that you can download via Steam. It features a murder kitty, a merwoman sniper, a trucker dude with a minigun, and many other instantly-memorable characters, which may be a big part of why people are already asking about plans for a console port. Here’s what we know about whether or not Crucible is coming to the Xbox or PlayStation platforms.

Is Crucible Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Looking at it on launch day, Crucible is a multiplayer shooter with reasonably forgiving system requirements. On paper, there’s nothing but development time keeping it from coming to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. However, if Crucible’s publisher or developer have any plans to bring it to the console world, they’ve stayed quiet on it so far.

Part of that may be down to our good buddy COVID-19. Colin Johanson, franchise lead on Crucible, put out a big news post today on Crucible’s website to address players and explain their current position. Amazon Games’s head offices are in Seattle, and Washington state was one of the earliest epicenters of COVID-19 in North America. Launching a big new video game is always a rollercoaster, and on top of that, Relentless Studios and Amazon are handling Crucible’s debut while their entire team is working from home.

“This is certainly a first for me, and we’ve had to adjust virtually everything about the way we work as a team to make this possible,” Johanson writes. “We’ve done all we can to prepare, but we’re learning in real-time what it means to launch a game as a remote team. This entire experience will be a fascinating experiment for all of us. They say that ‘nothing done easy makes a good story,’ and we’re hoping that in the future, we’ll get to tell very cool stories about today and the road that led us here. We’re doing everything in our power to make sure that your experience as players is untouched by the logistics of shipping a brand-new game remotely.”

With that in mind, I can’t blame the Crucible team for being antsy about their plans for next week, let alone any console ports. Crucible is also Amazon Games’s first published title, after 10 years of developing their own software for the Amazon’s app store. There’s a lot riding on Crucible, and its situation is necessarily fluid. For right now, it’s probably best to wait and see what happens next. It’s Crucible’s first day in operation, after all; if its servers aren’t actually on fire right now, it’s only a matter of time.

We’re keeping a close eye on Crucible here on launch day. Check out our game hub for all the news and tips we come by, including:

Crucible’s already a first for Amazon, and now it’s going to be an interesting data point about AAA game development during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s always a good idea to be patient and calm during any online game’s launch window, but even moreso when the game’s developers are having to rethink their entire workflow situation from scratch. Keep us in the loop by checking in via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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