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The Crew 2 – How to Customize Your Vehicle

by Josh Hawkins

Coming in first and taking home the gold will require more than just race skill in The Crew 2. You’ll also need to have some good upgrades, as well as have knowledge of the tracks and the best shortcuts. If you want to customize your vehicle in The Crew 2, then you’ll find yourself with a lot of options and upgrades to choose from. This article covers how to customize your vehicle in The Crew 2 so you can get the look and feel you want.

Customize Your Vehicle

If you want to up your chance of taking home the trophy, then customizing your vehicle and upgrading the guts of your ride is going to be extremely important. There are a lot of options to tinker with your car, boat, bike, or plane and knowing how to make the most of these options is going to be prove key to your success as a racer.

Before you can really start diving into customization, you’re going to need to get your hands on more parts, which will unlock upgrades and other items for you to add to your vehicle. Once you have the parts, it’s time to dive in and start tinkering with things.

To customize a vehicle, you’re going to need to head to one of the two different homes that you can find on either side of The Crew 2’s map. There’s one house in Los Angeles and another in Miami. Make your way there, then head inside and choose your vehicle from the vehicle tab that you’re shown here. With the vehicle chosen, you should be given the option to start customizing it. There are a few different categories to choose from here:

  • Color
  • Livery
  • Visual Part
  • Performance

The primary category that you need to worry about if you want to win races is ‘Performance’. This is where you’ll find all the upgrades that you can add under the hood, which will increase your ride’s overall speed, handling and other stats. There are seven subcategories for you to take into account here:

  • Brakes
  • Gearbox
  • E.C.U.
  • Exhaust
  • Engine
  • Tires

Each of these subcategories will adjust the overall stats of your vehicle to a degree when you upgrade them or change the parts that they have within. Every part that you acquire in The Crew 2 is given a color of rarity, which dictates how good the part is. Parts are graded from Grey, Green, Blue and Purple—with Purple being the highest rarity. Now, it should also be noted that just because a part has a higher rarity color does not make it better. You should still always look at how the stats compare for each part before deciding which piece to run within your vehicle.

Now that we’ve shown you more about the vehicle customization in The Crew 2, make sure you check out how to gain more followers, as this will allow you to get access to better parts. You’ll also need to make more money if you want to afford everything


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