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Concord Pre-Order Bonus Content Revealed, Pre-Order Start June 6

More details on June 6!

PlayStation finally unveiled gameplay for Concord, their upcoming 5v5 multiplayer shooter from Firewalk Studios at the recent State of Play. The reception has been pretty mixed overall, and there isn’t much excitement around the reveal. The title is coming to both PC and PS5, and pre-orders will start on June 6, 2024. Here is the pre-order bonus content confirmed for Concord.

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Concord Pre-Order Bonus Content

If you pre-order Concord, you’ll receive early access to its beta and invite four friends to play with you as well as the Monarch Pack for Vale.

The Monarch Pack includes the Frontline Sniper Skin and the Dead Reckoner Weapon Skin Pack for Vale.

The beta is planned for later this Summer, and we’ll get more details of the beta when the pre-orders go live in a couple of days. We expect the beta to start soon, ahead of its release in August 2024. Details of its different editions will be confirmed soon as well, and we’re interested in what the base pricing is.

Concord Release Date

Concord is coming to PC via Steam, and the Epic Games Store, as well as the PS5 on August 23, 2024.

PC players will need a PlayStation Network account, which likely means Concord will not be available in the many regions that PlayStation Network isn’t officially available in, similar to the upcoming God of War Ragnarok PC port and Until Dawn Remake.

Similarly, PS5 owners require a PlayStation Plus membership to play Concord. Both of these requirements were confirmed by PlayStation through the announcement blog.

Helldivers 2 was a surprise hit for PlayStation this year and was priced at $40 for the standard edition. While it’s a fantastic game in its own right, the fact that it isn’t priced like a usual AAA title meant that more players gave it a shot, and word of mouth traveled fast. Concord hasn’t been able to make a positive reception yet, but hopefully, the upcoming beta will highlight its better parts.

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