How to Complete Mayachin Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

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The Mayachin Shrine challenge in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was so nice I did it twice! For this guide, you must wear your batting gloves and release your pinball master within to complete the test. 

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It’s all about timing, placing a peg here and there, having a weapon to swing like a baseball bat, and of course, the Ultrahand ability. At first, when I walked inside, I wanted to walk straight out and come back later. But then I took a minute, regrouped, looked around, and noticed the clues to help me figure this puzzle out. 

A Look at the Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Let’s get into how to complete the Mayachin Shrine challenge in Tears of the Kingdom.

Mayachin Shrine Puzzle Solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To solve the Mayachin mystery, start by stepping on the square, raised platform with a target symbol next to the glowing yellow-orange post. A small cutscene will play out, with the first target with a bullseye on the left-hand side revealing itself; it’s hard to miss.

The first target in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Use Ultrahand to Control Objects

After that, walk down the staircase and unleash Ultrahand by holding L, pushing the right analog stick to the right, and then releasing L. Hover over the peg in the ground next to the white and green mechanism. Press A once it’s highlighted green. 

Remove First Peg From in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Turn the spike by holding in R and using the D-pad to rotate or move up and down. Rotate it horizontally and then join the peg with the mechanism where you see green.

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Next, pick up one of the white poles lying on the floor and merge it with the peg you’ve just connected to the mechanism. Once complete, what you’ve just built should resemble a pinball flipper/lever, as displayed in the image below. 

How the “pinball” lever should look in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Link Needs a Weapon

Following the completion of your first construction build for the test, head back up the stairs, remove your weapon with the Y button, and then stand by the glowing post. Once stationed and ready as if you were in a batter’s box in baseball, wait for the giant ball to roll out of the hole. For this part to work, you need to have impeccable timing.

The ball will roll out of the hole constantly. Wait for it to roll into a spot close to the constructed flipper. Once perfectly aligned to hit the target on the left, wack the glowing post with your weapon by pressing Y. The post will turn green, and the pinball flipper you’ve built will hit the ball toward the target like in a pinball game. If you hit the target, it will turn green. If you’re a second too late or a few seconds too early, you’ll miss it and have to try again.

Target acquired in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Mayachin’s Second Target Will Appear

Following a successful pinball flip, another cutscene will play. The first of two gates will open, and a second target will emerge on the right-hand side. The difference is a rectangular board hanging on chains blocking you from hitting the target. Your job is to move the board out of the way. Do this by using Ultrahand

Target Two in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

You can do it in two ways:

  1. Remove the spike from the ground and attach the flat side to the board. Raise the spike and the board up to the slab above, place it on the slab, and press B to leave it there.
  2. Remove the pin from the ground and place it on the large slab above it. Leave only the flat head sticking out. Then use Ultrahand to control the board and flip it horizontally to connect it to the peg you’ve just lodged into the slab.
Move the obstacle out of the way in the Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

Link Must Hit the Post Twice

Once you’ve successfully connected the board like you’ve pinned a piece of paper to a pin board, run back upstairs to the glowing post. Remove your weapon and hit the post once to return the flipper to its first position. The post will turn from green to yellow-orange to indicate it’s ready for the next flip of the ball. 

Again, time your swing to perfection and wait for it to align for the right-side bullseye. This time let it roll a bit further than you did the first time so that you can allow for a late swing. It will allow you to hit the ball to the right-hand side instead of pulling it to the left again. Hit the target and wait for the final cutscene, where the second gate will open for the treasure chest.

There you have it, the Mayachin Shrine puzzle solved, and now you can collect your Light of Blessing. 

Second Target Acquired in Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

What Clues Helped Me Complete Mayachin Shrine?

The first platform you cross has the same mechanics as the pinball lever you must build with Ultrahand. The other clue was the glow of the post you hit and the target after stepping on the symbol platform. The color scheme gave me the idea specific elements go together. 

A Clue to Mayachin Shrine Puzzle (Screenshot: TOTK)

The second last clue was the two pins stuck in the ground. I’m not going to lie, the second part confused me a little, but once the second target exposed itself, everything started making sense. 

Where is Mayachin Shrine in TOTK? Exact Location

You can find the Mayachin Shrine near Mount Daphnes and the Aquame Bridge, standing tall in the Exchange Ruins, located in the Hyrule Field region, north of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower in the Windvane Meadow Region.

The closer you get to the First Gatehouse in Hyrule Castle Moat from the Lookout Landing, the more you’re going in the wrong direction. If you find yourself passing the Passeri Greenbelt on your right and Rach Ruins to your left, you are heading down the right path. If you’re still lost, go to the map coordinates -0705, -0869, 0031 and pin the location close to the Exchange Ruins.

Map Location of Mayachin Shrine in WIndvane Meadow (Screenshot: Tears of the Kingond)

How to Unlock Hyrule Field Skyview Tower

To unlock this region of the map in TOTK, you must unlock the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. To achieve this, you must take Link to battle and defeat the enemies who are guarding the tower. There is a staircase leading to the tower and from the start of the stairway, you’ll find your foe. Have plenty of bows and arrows with you.

You could stealth kill those on the staircase while blowing the rest up inside the walls like a cowboy in the wild wild West. There are lots of explosives inside to blow up by using an explosive material attached to your arrows. I killed the first two on the stairs by using a stealth method and crouching behind them. Press the left analog stick to crouch.

The lesson learned in the Mayachin Shrine is: always take note of your surroundings in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll never know what you’re going to discover or unlock. If you’re looking to complete all the shrine puzzles and challenges in TOTK, read All Hyrule Shrine Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) to learn all their locations. 

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