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Why Should You Complete All the EMF Experiments Early in Spider-Man 2?

Complete the EMF Experiments to cap off the emotional life of Pete in Spider-Man 2.

If you want to collect all of the suits and 100% Spider-Man 2, then completing all of the EMF Experiments is important in your quest. In this guide, I’ll explain why you should finish the EMF experiments early in the game and what you get for your efforts.

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Why You Should Complete the EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You must complete the EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to collect the plethora of Tech Parts and EMF XPs up for rewards. Additionally, you must complete it so that you can obtain the rare Peter’s Life Story suit.

Sadly, the final mission and suit can only be completed and collected once you’ve gone through the main story of Spider-Man 2. However, the other eight EMF Experiments can be completed early. This means fast and early upgrades for both Pete and Miles.

The Tech Parts and Rare Tech Parts are used to upgrade gadgets and unlock suits and powers. You’ll be able to upgrade gadgets, suits, and powers quickly and easily with all of the parts you receive from EMF rewards. They are some of the most rewarding and fun side missions you’ll get while playing Spider-Man 2.

It’s also good to do all of the EMF missions so that you can level up quickly. You receive a lot of EMF XPs per mission, with each one giving you 700 EMF XPs and the final one giving you 1000 EMF XPs.

This suit and the final part of the mission (spoiler alert) have a sentimental touch to them. Following the drama that unfolds with Harry and the whole moment when he completes the final gene splicing, you might just shed a tear.

What Are the EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2? 

The EMF Experiments in Spider-Man 2 have an array of challenges to complete. You’ll work closely with some of the doctors from the Emily-May Foundation and carry out data research for them. They really do make you want to be a scientist.

In total, there are nine locations and EMF Experiments that have various tasks to complete. The EMF Experiments include the following:

  • Splice genes.
  • Collect samples for data research.
  • Defeat enemies.
  • Chasing down animals.
  • Follow leads.
  • Locate and destroy predators using Bee Drones.
  • Help the community.

If you want to know how to complete all of the EMF Experiments in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you can read the full guide: All EMF Experiments Locations and Solutions in Spider-Man 2. With this guide, you’ll find each of the experiment locations, how to solve them, and what is required to unlock some of the experiments.

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