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COD Mobile Ranks Guide – What are the Six Call of Duty: Mobile Ranks?

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been cracking into Call of Duty: Mobile, then you’ll be well aware of one of the main things that keeps people coming back: the competition. Yes, that’s right. Like any game worth its salt that’s meant to be a threat on the mobile market, it’s all about pitting players against each other in an endless race for rewards and gear. Here’s what we know about the COD Mobile ranks

COD Mobile Ranks Guide – What are the Six Call of Duty: Mobile Ranks?

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in COD Mobile, then you’re going to be familiar with the ranking system in the game. It’s essentially how you’re going to get grouped for matches with other players. Familiar with how ranks work in League of Legends? It’s a bit like that.

You’re going to be matching with others of approximately the same capability as you when it comes down to multiplayer lobbies, because otherwise it’s just going to be a straight steamroll and that won’t be fun for anyone. 

Here are the various COD Mobile Ranks, also referred to as tiers, from lowest to highest:

  1. Rookie
  2. Veteran
  3. Elite
  4. Pro
  5. Master
  6. Legendary

Within each of the COD Mobile ranks, there are also separate tiers – we’re talking Master I, Master II, Master III, Master IV. The same will go for every rank that isn’t Legendary. If you’re skilled enough to make it into Legendary, then congratulations – you’re going to be one of the top 10 players in a server. Pretty neat, huh?

Those who are new are going to start in Rookie I, and you’ll have to climb the tier ladder like in most competitive titles. You’re going to be earning points when you play the game which will count towards your advancement, and certain point thresholds will automatically bump you up a tier so it’s possible to rank up via sheer grind even if you’re finding matches tough on the whole.

You can only get these points in Ranked Matches, so make sure that you’re prioritizing your time if you want to climb to Legendary. 

Need a hand with anything else outside of the COD Mobile Ranks? We’ve got some information about the game in our dedicated game hub if you’re looking:

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