Cobblemon Controls Guide: How to Play Cobblemon

From choosing a starter to crafting a pokéball: let's go through the basics of Cobblemon.

Cobblemon is the result of mixing two of the most popular game franchises ever: Pokémon and Minecraft. It’s a free-to-play, open-sourced mod for Minecraft that channels the experience of a mainline Pokémon game in a traditional blocky fashion.   

If you’ve got it installed already, of course you already know all of this. What you might be unsure of, however, is how to properly play Cobblemon, what are the controls, and where you begin. How do you catch a wild pokémon? Please do not panic; we’re about to go over how to play Cobblemon.

Cobblemon: Basic Controls Guide

After you’ve booted up the mod, the first thing you want to do is press the “M” key to select your starter Pokemon. Thanks to the newest update, (as of October 2023), you can pick any of the starter Pokemon from generations 1 to 9. Click on the “I choose you!” button to decide on your little companion.

Starter Pokemon in Cobblemon

To actually spawn your starter Pokemon into the world, you’ll have to press the “R” key. From this point onwards, when you press the “M” key, your pokémon inventory will open instead (it’s sort of like checking your party and your boxes at the same time in a regular Pokémon game).

Now you can adventure out into the world!

Battling and Catching Wild Pokémon

Wild pokémon from all generations can spawn anywhere in the world and at any level. When you encounter one that you can battle with your starter, press “R” to engage in combat. The battle system works essentially the same way as in the Pokémon games, so there is nothing to explain there.

Catching Pokemon in Cobblemon

You can catch the Pokémon, but you need Pokéballs first, and, unlike the Pokémon games, you can’t just go buy them. This is Minecraft, after all, so you do have to make them yourself. To make a Pokéball, you need four apricorns of the same kind and an ingot (a copper one should be fine to start with). 

Now you can try selecting your pokéball and throwing it at a wild pokémon right-clicking it, but keep in mind that it might not be captured, and both the pokémon and the pokéball will disappear. It is best to battle the pokémon first to lower its HP and then catch it by selecting the “catch” option in the battle screen. Be sure to keep your eyes wide open because regular animals will appear too!


Eventually, you’ll be able to craft both a PC and a healing machine (to act as a Pokémon Center). With all this knowledge, you’re now ready to start exploring and crafting in your Cobblemon world. 

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