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Cobalion Pokemon GO – New Raid Pokemon, What We Know

by Ginny Woo

With Darkrai on the way out, it’s time for more Legendary Pokemon to slide their way into Pokemon GO. We’re talking a new Legendary Trio this time, and the first to kick things off is the Iron Will Pokemon. Here’s what we know about Cobalion in Pokemon GO, and when it’ll be available. 

Cobalion Pokemon GO – New Raid Pokemon, What We Know

Cobalion is a Steel and Fighting Legendary Pokemon and it’s also affectionately called the Iron Will Pokemon. Because of its type, you’re going to want to attack this fight with the following Pokemon types:

  • Fire
  • Fighting
  • Ground

Cobalion’s whole schtick is that it’s part of some Avengers-type group of Pokemon that’s got the wellbeing of all Pocket Monsters in mind. That’s why this latest spate of events with Cobalion references a Legendary Trio; we can expect that the other two Pokemon that share Cobalion’s philosophy are going to also be available to take down in raids in the coming months, or perhaps even sooner. 

Trainers who are leaping at the chance to challenge this new Legendary will be able to do so from November 4 at 1pm (GMT-8) to  November 26 at 1pm (GMT-8). You’ll only be able to run into this Pokemon if you’re jumping into five-star raids, so you’ll want to aim your sights there if you truly want this challenge on your plate. With Darkrai previously igniting everyone’s interest during the spooky season, you can be sure that trainers will have their eyes on this next addition to the raid roster and that we’ll be training up accordingly. 

Now that you have our Cobalion Pokemon GO guide and we’ve shared our knowledge with you, you should be able to properly prep the appropriate team going into the five-star raids for optimum success. If you need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO, check out the following guides that we’ve prepared for you:

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