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Choice Band Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you’re trying to figure out what sort of items might be good to round out your Poketeam’s competencies in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then well, you might be cracking into the competitive end-game. There’s a ton of good and useful items that can make up for a Pokemon’s deficiencies, but some we would consider staples. Here’s our guide on how to get the Choice Band in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Choice Band Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide

In our write-up of the best competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we talk about using the Choice Band especially when it comes to the Pokemon on your team like Dracovish which massively benefit from the attack boost. However, like the Choice Scarf, they can only use whichever move was their first move in the fight until the end of the battle. This item will be most effective tied to a Pokemon who’s going to be really smashing other people’s heads in i.e. a heavy user of physical attacks. 

To pick up a Choice Band, you’ll have to hit the part of the story in Pokemon Sword and Shield where your Rotom bike gets a component addition allowing it to be used on water. Yeah, forget walking on water. You can cycle on water. Once you get this ability, start on your Choice Band search by going to Professor Magnolia’s house. There’s a bridge nearby bordering a river – get on your bike and cycle into it. Keep pedaling away while sticking to the right and you’ll note that you can pop back onto solid ground to get a Poke Ball. Pick this up and your Choice Band will be inside. 

Now that you know how to find the Choice Band Pokemon Sword and Shield item, it should be fairly easy for you to pick it up and to make sure that the appropriate powerhouse on your end-game team is in possession of it. 

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