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The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Guide: Outer Worlds Quest Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

You’ll be coming across your fair share of Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds, regardless of whether you’re going to want to bat for your capitalist overlords or the common people. Getting in with each faction will influence how things pan out in the end, and also their rapport with you, though you can’t get on everyone’s good side so we’d pick our battles. Here’s our The Chimerist’s Last Experiment guide if you’re needing a hand with this faction quest that can affect your reputation with Sublight Salvage or The Board. 

The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Guide: Outer Worlds Quest Walkthrough

The motivation for this quest kicking off will be Lilya Hagen’s suspicion that someone’s planning to let aliens take over. Yeah, we know. Crackpot theories don’t exactly die off with the times. In order to unlock this quest, though, you’ll have to have completed the following SubLight Salvage faction quests:

  • Space-Crime Continuum
  • Ice Palace

Once you’ve done those two, you’ll be eligible to pick up The Chimerist’s Last Experiment from Lilya. Essentially, she’s going to posit that what you’ve learned from the previous two faction quests points towards Dr Chartrand wanting aliens to take over the planet and that the only solution is to kill the doctor. Yeah, bit of an overreaction. Here are the steps that you will have to undertake as part of this quest:

  • Find Dr Chartrand – Lilya will give you a key to get into Chartrand’s home in Byzantium, and you’ll have to find clues that will lead you to her lab on Cascadia. Head to that lab and confront Chartrand as per the instructions, before letting her know why you’re there (because Lilya wants her dead).
  • Question Dr Chartrand – Speak to Chartrand a little more to find out the motivation behind her experiments that Lilya thinks are making people ripe for alien control. You’ll find out that she’s actually trying to find a new food source. Here, you can give Chartrand two options: 1) she works with Phineas Welles, which gives you EXP and negative Board reputation, 2) she works with the Board, which gives you positive Board reputation. There’s a third way, which is to just do what Lilya wants and shoot Chartrand dead, which also gives negative Board reputation
  • Return to Lilya – If you gave Chartrand an out and the chance to work with one of the other powers, then you’ll get negative SubLight Salvage reputation alongside EXP as the quest reward. If you killed Chartrand, you’ll also get positive SubLight Salvage reputation, Sublight VP Armor, and be promoted to Vice President of Aggressive Acquisitions.

Now that you have our Chimerist’s Last Experiment guide in hand, finishing off this faction quest and getting the reputation result that you’re hoping for should be a piece of cake. Need help with anything else in The Outer Worlds? Check out some advice that we’ve put together to make your journey easier:

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