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Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

In 2006, Nintendo released Chibi-Robo! for the GameCube, an interesting 3D adventure featuring a robotic hero with a plug for a tail. He was also environmentally conscious, while at the same time disposing of automated villains along the way.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this charming character, but this past week, he made his return on Nintendo’s 3DS with Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash, a side-scrolling adventure mixed with vehicle stages. You’ll venture through each level using his plug as a whip and also an extension line to grab platforms and collect items, ranging from coins to extenders. He can also pick up other collectibles in each stage, ranging from robot assistants to garbage.

Make the most of your Chibi-Robo experience with these Zip Lash tips!

Collecting everything

Throughout the levels, Chibi-Robo will come across a number of collectibles. The more you snag, the more badges you’ll earn for each stage while unlocking additional content in the game. The collectibles include:

Coins: These are scattered throughout, and the more you collect, the more opportunities you’ll have to buy spots on a spinning wheel to access new boards. Otherwise you’ll have to rely on luck when you spin, and that could send you back to a stage you already completed. Look for three big coins in each level, since you’ll receive a special badge at the end. 

Line Extenders: Collecting little number icons (or plain blue ones) will enable you to extend the reach of your zip line. This will allow you shoot further, either in whip form or using a wind-up throw, where you can direct it even longer and grab onto high ledges, using orange panels compatible with the zip line.

Mechanics: These little helpers appear throughout each stage, and they’ll run around like crazy when you get close to them. Word of advice – don’t destroy these guys. Instead, use your roll (R trigger) to dizzy them for a few seconds, then run over and pick them up by pressing the A button. There are three to a stage, so keep an eye out.

Garbage: As you proceed through a level, you’ll find occasional garbage to pick up. While not the coolest items to grab, collecting trash brings you closer to 100 percent completion.

Candy: Occasionally you’ll find treasure chests with candy inside. These are special brands you can view through your candy collection, but treats serve a purpose. You will come across toys requiring specific types of candy. Fork it over to earn extra coins.

Kid Aliens: Finally, you will encounter an unhappy alien that wants its parents. Pick up this creature using the quick lash (X) button, then look for a brown tiki-based panel. Stand in the middle and quickly set up a lasso by holding down the lash button with the baby alien attached. It sounds cruel, but this will summon a UFO, which you can throw the baby alien to for additional rewards. Just be careful with your aim, though. If you miss, you’ll get nothing and the UFO disappears.

Recharge Chibi-Robo

As you venture through Zip Lash, you’ll notice Chibi-Robo’s energy ticks away, displayed a power meter in the lower left corner. It helps to keep this in the green, as the lower the energy, the more possibility Chibi will bite the dust.

You’ll find energy refills throughout each level, including plug-ins, orange robots that provide a quick boost (you have to hit them on the front panel, though) and little energy pills in boxes. Make sure you stock up to keep going.

Beat levels in style

At the end of a stage you’ll come across bronze, silver and gold UFOs. These provide you with additional turns on the spinning wheel in the world you’re currently in, so you can experience levels you haven’t finished yet. If you didn’t buy spaces, you can try your luck and use the extended zip line to hit the gold UFO, which will grant you three tries to get the number of turns you want. Hitting a silver only gives you two, while a bronze offers one.

There’s no time limit on this particular challenge, so make sure you practice your zip line throw. Also, look out for blue panels on the floor. They occasionally provide hints to where you’ll want to stand when you shoot your line.

Hitching a ride

On occasion, you’ll run into vehicle stages in Zip Lash, whether you’re riding around on balloons or zooming across a stage via water skiing. These are variable control styles that you’ll need to get used to, some based on momentum, but you can get a hang of them very quickly.

Probably the trickiest one in the game is balloon riding. With this, Chibi hangs on to a group of balloons, using wind and momentum to keep from hitting either too high in the air or on the ground. The best thing you can do is use your ability to swing back, which will bring you lower into a stage. Do this by holding left on the control stick. It’ll swivel you back closer to the ground, and then you can proceed to lift off again by holding right on the control stick.

This is not only useful for avoiding dangerous objects and enemies, but also helps you with picking up coins and other collectibles in the stage. It takes some getting used to, but really helps set the stage for future vehicles you’ll come across in the game.

Don’t forget the amiibo

Finally, for those who love collecting amiibo, a special edition of Zip Lash comes with a Chibi-Robo figurine. You can use this in the game by unlocking a toy capsule machine with collectible figurines in your home base (the Chibi-House), thus creating a fun little collection of virtual toys. By saving your score and using it daily, you’ll unlock rare toys to add to your collection. (Note: the amiibo abilities only work with the New Nintendo 3DS system.)

Other amiibo serve a purpose as well. Scanning them will earn extra coins. They only scan once, though, so enjoy the payout while it lasts, and don’t forget to scan the Chibi amiibo with Super Mario Maker if you own that game. You’ll receive a custom Chibi-Robo costume.


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