How to Fix the You Do Not Meet The Requirements Error in WoW Timewalking Event Dungeons

Whose timeline is it anyway?

Last night, I was leveling my freshly-created Kul’ Tiran Warrior, Gerblonk, and finally reached level 30. This meant I could take advantage of the Turbulent Timeways event and associated massive experience boost! Just one problem: the group finder said “You do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons.” What the heck! Lucky for you, I found the fix.

‘You Do Not Meet the Requirements for the Chosen Dungeons’ Timewalking Fix

Talk to Chromie (found in Stormwind or Orgrimmar) and select “return to current timeline.”

So, when you make a character and head to your capital city, be that Stormwind or Orgrimmar, you’re asked to talk to my favorite Bronze Dragon, Chromie. She’ll whisk you away to a selected timeline, which is great for leveling and, uh, not so great for dungeon spamming during a Timewalking event. If you’re in Chromie Time, you cannot queue for Timewalking Dungeons. Chromie can be found in your capital city’s Embassy, around (41, 80) for Orgrimmar or (75, 9) in Stormwind.

It’s all a quirk of the timeline stuff, but it does make sense considering the Timewalking versions of dungeons are scaled all whacky and technically a timeline that exists within the current timeline but not within the timeline of the original dungeons? Guh.. I just wanna smash stuff!

Luckily, this fix got me off to the races, and I was blasting through levels like nobody’s business. Until tomorrow, you can also take advantage of an extra experience boost using our guide! With it, you can expect a 40% overall boost to experience to make leveling your alts a breeze. Just remember, you’ll need to be level 30 before you can queue for Timewalking dungeons! There are three more weeks left of the event after this weekend, so don’t feel the need to rush.

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