With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 comes questions in regards to things like the length of the game and whether you can skip cutscenes. If you’re uninterested in getting to know more about V or the inner workings of Night City and want to skip past cutscenes and dialogue, you’ll be happy to know that yes, you can do this. Here’s how to skip cutscenes in Cyberpunk 2077…

Can You Skip Cutscenes In Cyberpunk 2077? 

To skip cutscenes in Cyberpunk 2077, all you’ll need to do is press B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation, or Space Bar on PC. In doing so, you’ll skip past that cutscene and can continue on your way.

To skip dialogue in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll press the same buttons that you use to skip past cutscenes. So, to skip through dialogue, you’ll need to press B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation, and Space Bar on PC.

As expected, we don’t recommend skipping things in Cyberpunk 2077 as you’ll miss out on core elements of the game’s story. 

That said, by skipping through cutscenes and dialogue, you can reduce the total amount of time it takes to beat the game. If getting to the end as quickly as possible is important to you, skipping cutscenes and dialogue can be extremely helpful.

Again, you can skip cutscenes quite easily in Cyberpunk 2077 by pressing B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation, or Space Bar on PC while the cutscene is playing. You can likewise skip dialogue in Cyberpunk 2077 by pressing the same buttons.

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