Can you Share Characters in Honkai Star Rail? – Answered

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Honkai Star Rail tasks players with trailblazing across the galaxies in search of Stellarons, or weird McGuffins. However, you’ll collect plenty of playable characters through the story and the good ole gacha system. Are you able to share characters with your friends in Honkai: Star Rail? We have the answer for you below.

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Can you Share Characters in Honkai Star Rail? – Answered

Yes, you can share characters in Honkai Star Rail in very specific circumstances. When you reach the first snowy planet in Honkai Star Rail, you’ll be able to use a special currency to complete waves of enemies to earn rewards for your characters. It’s here you’ll be able use a character from a stranger or someone on your friend’s list. If you decide that someone has a powerful five-star character or something that would fit your team’s composition, you can use them.

It’s a great way to try out other characters before using your Star Passes to try and roll for them yourself.

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While you can’t keep the character or use them in other instances, it’s still a nice way to change up your team composition, especially for more difficult fights. This challenge will use up some unique currency that you will get back over time. So use it while you got it.

Be sure to add all of your friends in Honkai Star Rail so you can have a wide assortment of different characters to use. They will also be able to use your characters, so be sure to keep them leveled up.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if you can share characters in Honkai Star Rail. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. Here are all of the current redeem codes for Honkai Star Rail.

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