Can you Salvage or Scrap Items in Starfield? – Answered

Making these weapons useful once again

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Managing inventory is a hard task in Starfield. You’ll often find your pockets filled with weapons and other equipment that are already surpassed, but you wouldn’t like to sell them since they’re already modded or just seem too good to give away like that. It would be better to salvage so you can at least use a few of these parts. But is this even a possibility in Starfield?

Can You Salvage Weapons in Starfield?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to salvage your equipment in Starfield. Your only options to get rid of them are either selling them to vendors or dropping them to the ground. You can also store them in your ship cargo and pretend they don’t exist, but that isn’t really “getting rid” of something. 

If you used your hard-earned resources to enhance them, you won’t get them back. So think twice before applying mods to your gear since they’re permanent and you can’t get anything back later. Most mods won’t require you many resources anyway, so this is not such a major problem as it sounds, but it still feels bad losing them.

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Since inventory is quite limited, especially when you can get a new weapon from virtually every human enemy you defeat, looting every single weapon you find is usually not a good option. Aside from a few extra credits in your local vendor, all you’ll get from that is getting encumbered consistently during your travels, so getting these extra weapons is more of a hindrance than an advantage.

Your only way to get materials is either from exploration or buying them directly in certain shops. Having something to do with all of these extra weapons we’ll certainly find along the way would be incredible, but this isn’t a thing just yet, so let’s just hope Bethesda might add this option later. And if they don’t, modders will certainly do it at some point.

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