Can You Play Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies Solo? Answered

Sole survivor.

Zombies is back to Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 3, and players are eager to send those filthy monsters back to the grave they came from. While this is meant to be a multiplayer experience, can you do it all by yourself?

Can You Play MW3 Zombies Mode Solo?

Yes, you can play Zombies solo in Modern Warfare 3. All you have to do is turn off the “Squad Fill” when queueing for a match and you’ll be all by yourself trying to survive against thousands of hordes of living dead going for your brain. It’s pretty much like Will Smith’s I Am Legend, but with lots of extra armaments and special loadouts to deal with the infected.

But regardless of that, Zombies is not a fully solo experience. You might be alone, but there will always be more players hanging around in the same match as you. Solo or Squad, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is put together to fill a lobby and that’s how it is. Otherwise it would be virtually impossible for a single person to survive in a desolated city filled with monsters going specifically for them at all times.

Solo players can do basically anything, from killing zombies and completing contracts as they normally would in a squad, but the difficulty will obviously be higher than if you were solo. That’s not a problem if you’re really looking for a challenge, though, so good luck with that.

If you regret your choices halfway through, players can invite solo survivors to enter their own squads, and you might choose to do so if you start feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies. They’ll scale up quickly, so finding some help should be a priority if you ask me.

Zombies is, at the end of the day, a multiplayer-focused experience. You can make your way through alone, but mostly everything is designed around people helping each other. Doing small chores like repairing a tire is way easier if you team up with others, so there’s little to no reason to refuse some helping hands.

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